How do Box Turtles drink?

I recently aquired a box turtle, and I read that they like to bathe surrounded by a shallow dish or pool, so i put him it a flat bottomed pan filled with 2/3 inch of hose (He could put his head over the water no problem) but then what he did surprised me. He tilted his commander down and but his whole face under the marine! His nostrils were completely under! He stayed there for a long time, and after a few minutes I took him out because it anxious me. Is this how box turtles normally drink? If so how often do I give him his hip bath?

(His cage isn't big enough to keep it contained by there all the time, I am getting him a new one this weekend)
Hey, Box turtles enjoy wade and soaking in water, so provide some sort of pool. They will often defecate within their water container, and that helps keep the compound clean, if the water is replaced day by day. Box turtles kept indoors should be placed in water to soak every day. Box turtles may be clumsy swimmers, but various of them do seem to enjoy it if a deeper pond is available within an outdoor enclosure. Some box turtles will swim in an outdoor pond for over an hour almost every reheat day. Others just wade and soak in the shallow shutting. Make sure there is an easy exit so a swimming box turtle does not become exhaused. Also, cold hose can disable a turtle that falls in or enters to swim. A warm dampen pond with an easy exit will be appreciated by many American box turtles and poses no meaningful danger of drowning.

Good Luck.
Yes, that is how box turtles normally drink. The reason it kept its come first under for so long is because it was extremely thirsty. You need to keep hold of a water dish in its cage at adjectives times.

The reason Gavin (also known as Playmaker) did not answer your question directly is because he now and then answers questions; instead, he copies and pastes info from caresheets and other people's answers, as if they be his. Yes, he steals them.His need to do so would strongly suggest that he has enormously little reptile knowledge of his own.

Here is the caresheet Gavin copied from:
The information is ok, but not great. There are many care sources online, as in good health as several good books written. You should research them thoroughly, box turtles can be challenging captives.

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Stealing other peoples' answers and presenting them as your own is call plagiarism, not "helping". It's extremely rude, to say the least, and he does it on a meaningful percentage of "his" answers. If he ever copies one of YOUR answers as his own, perhaps you will feel differently.
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Any way to reply your question they put their face under hose like that when they are really dehydrated or have eye infections. My two when I first rescued them did this adjectives the time because they were dehydrated and one had a bleak eye infection. Now they just do it after they eat slugs because of the slime. Just make certain it always has a clean vessel of water and it will be fine. Good luck.

Here is a short care guide.


They need a bask spot of 88 degrees F and the rest of the tank should be 85 degrees no lower afterwards 75. They also need a UV light(ex. repti sun 10.0) and that needs to be changed every 6-8 months.


Veggies-grated carrots, red squash, green beans, peas, green peppers, parsnips. Fruit- strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, cherries, plums, mangos, papayas and figs. Greens- mustard, dandelion and collard greens. For treats, add flowers such as hibiscus, rose petals, geraniums, nasturtiums. Chop these up and mix them together before feed.

Meat-Earthworms and night crawlers (avoid bait shop worms they are very unhealthy), slugs, snails (if caught in your garden, nurture the snails and slugs for 4 days on dark leafy green vegetables - any that have been exposed to poisons will die contained by that time), crickets (which have been gut loaded for at smallest 24 hours).

Young turtles eat more animal matter than do adults, so the amount of protein offered should decrease over time until it is no more than 10% of total.

Supplement food beside calcium and multi vitamin.
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