How much would a pet turtle cost?

I want a turtle that lives in both water and land, possibly a red-eared slider or box turtle. Do you believe it would make a good pet and be fairly natural and inexpensive to take care of? And how much would the turtle and all of the supplies (cage, lights, food, etc) cost up front?
like, 25 bucks, for the average turtle..nuthin fancy.
In the Northeast, a person can get a red-eared slider for 20 dollars or less.

Turtles fashion great pets. They're easy to care for, don't eat much, and can live for an extremely long time. A proper reservoir set up could cost you 50 dollars or so.

The only thing I would caution you in the region of is that there may be a chance that your turtle may carry the Salmonella microbes. Therefore, be sure to wash your hands terrifically thoroughly after handling your turtle.
when i had a pet turtle it cost me resembling $12 at hte most to buy his food and the turtle itself. it shouldn't be very expensive. they make decent pets,.
NO NO NO! Don't gain a turtle. They get TOO BIG TOO FAST. Then you have to keep buying bigger fish tank and you wind up changing their dirty water EVERY single weekend. I love turtles but they will catch very big. And the water has to stay verbs. It is back breaking work.
If it gets too big for you to handle the pet store will NOT clutch them back and it is illegal to release them in a tarn or something.
TAKE my word for it. I know. I had a red earred slider and a yellow bellied slider. It was enormously difficult to find someone who would take them.
Get a mouse. They are very smart and sweet. Hamsters can bite and perhaps sometimes gerbils too. Birds are intensely sensitive and when they get sick they can die very fast whether you don't get them to a vet right away.
Turtles can also cause salmonella.
What roughly speaking a cat? Or a dog?
Anyway, TOO difficult to care for turtles. If you feel you MUST do it then don't forget the sun light, and a big rock that is up out of the water. Keep the species seperate because my red earred slider would try to bite the cooter.

Answers:    Common pet store turtles call Box turtles, cost from $10-$50.

When selecting a turtle for a pet, the first consideration is its home -- will it be wet or dry? Turtles are chiefly aquatic and tortoises live on dry land.

Typical costs:
Common aquatic pets include the Eastern Painted turtle which have red and yellow stripes and olive or black shells. Priced around $15, they reach 5-10 inches in length and live between 15-25 years. Red-eared sliders live 30-70 years and cost $7 -$18.
Dry-land species include the small box turtle which grows 5-6 inches long and runs $30 -$75. They regularly live 30-40 years, while some enjoy been known to reach 100. Russian Tortoises cost $75 -$95. Young Sulcata tortoises cost $50 -$75, and evolve to around 2.5 feet in length and up to 110 pounds. On the higher call a halt, the spur thigh tortoise costs about $150 and the Leopard tortoise costs around $250.
What should be included:
A certificate of health.
Additional costs:
Aquatic setup: A reservoir, heater and filtration unit can run $400 -$700. Red-eared sliders need a life-size aquarium filled with water 1 and a partially times deeper than the turtle's width. A full-grown slider will need a 55-72-gallon tank for around $100, a UV highlight for $20 -$30, a large flat river rock for about $30, a water heating system for $20 -$30, a water pump for around $20, an aquatic filter for $20 -$50 and aquarium gravel which runs $14 for a 25-pound bag. An aquarium stand designed to hold on to the turtles up off the floor runs about $50.
Dry set up: Dry tanks cost $150 -$200 and include a UV frothy for $20 -$30. The Tortoise Trust maintains an online guide to caring for a box turtle. A water dish sizeable (around $10)must be available all the times. Indoor terrariums must be misted daily to maintain humidity.
Turtles require a combination of animal protein, vegetables and commercial turtle nurture. Typically, turtles are fed 3-4 times a week with some fruits and vegetables at an average cost of $20 -$40 a month. Add $25 per year for pellets or 50-cents a sunshine for cat food. Vitamin supplements run about $10 per year. Live food costs around $20 per year.
An initial veterinarian check up will cost about $120. Typical annual veterinary visits run $20 -$80. Expect to spend $100 -$200 for any treatment requiring lab test.
Shopping for a turtle: helps place turtles and tortoises and provides an onlineadoption application.
Turtles may be purchased online at several stores which include overnight shipping.
Petsmart sells red-eared sliders. Check the store locator, then appointment for price and availability.
what form turtle probably 100
Despite what people say about turtles person easy to take care of and inexpensive, they really do require work and the initial set up of an aquarium can be comparatively expensive.

I have two sliders in an aquarium, and even with a wet filter, I have to change the water every week to hold it clean. I paid about $500 for the set up for my turtles.

Aquatic need loys of water and a bask land no sand..maybe huge gravel
water 78 to 80 degrees.

Petco $14.99 this month.

some help/advice..
Remember 10 gallons for every inch of turtle. You need a 55 gallon to start for one.
I enjoy used kiddy pools and plastic pond liners from most nurseries and now a 150 gal pond.
They are the coolest. Not cuddly pets at all.
***And a natural life time commitment.
Sliders, cooters , painted, map, yellow bellied all are basically like and require the same basic care.
For their needed protein and calcium drop 20 or so feeder guppies, goldfish or minnows surrounded by the tank and watch them disappear in a few days! When I get these two 36 yrs ago all we had in put money on then were goldfish to feed , so after 36 yrs and still going strong. They can devour goldfish!
This way when they swim for their dinner they get exercise also! TOSS in a bird cuttle bone contained by the water for calcium that will promote better shell growth, it will dissolve real slow and if they devour it that’s fine!!
They can have garden worms, meal worms, snails, crickets, flies, crayfish small frogs, slugs, tadpoles dragon flies and anything that moves, but only as a treat.
They have need of leafy greens Romaine, Butter lettuce. (Iceberg and cabbage are bad for them, any other leafy greens will do) for vitamin A that they need at least 3 to 4 times a week.
They love grapes and strawberries and squash..
Did you know that they inevitability to bask under a reptile light UVA/UVB for up to 8 hrs a day for the vitamin D that they inevitability to grow. So that means getting a turtle dock also.
Leave the heater on 75 to 78 degrees other.
These turtles in captivity do not hibernate their eating may slow down some but they will not hibernate.
These are not cuddly pets and will bite very enormously hard.
Under 4" they carry a disease called 'salmonella'. So you must wipe after every handling. These guys can become cannibalistic and will kill the smallest turtle if there is not ample room and food.
And my pictures don't lie. All ages and all sizes get along as long as their is allot for swim room and plenty to drink!
Their water needs to be clean otherwise they grasp sick easily from dirty water cause they poop allot. You involve a good filter system!
Total Body length: 5-8" average for males, up to 12 inches max for females. Life span: 15-25+ years
Males have the longer front nails and are used surrounded by mating. And are considered mature at about 5 yrs dated. You can’t start sexing till about 3” across.
Gravel larger than they can swallow.
They sleep at the bottom of rivers, streams. lakes or ponds or your tank to avoid predators similar to coyotes, foxes, owls, hawks, possums, raccoons and even some wide mouth bass and us humans.
You probably already know that they get sick easily, shell rot, respiratory sickness, lopsided swimming, coughing, blowing bubbles from their antenna. Fungus white cotton patches on their skin?
**Swollen cloudy eyes which means lacking within Vitamin A. Which we all need for good eyes. Google ‘vegetables near Vitamin A.

Contact the “, for a turtle vet / RESCUE in your city and state. I wish you luck.

These two females of mine are which I have cart around for 36 long yrs plus 3 adoptees in the last 6 yrs. Which my kids aren’t even that old. And have 5 for the last 6 yrs I spend over 300.00 a month which includes over 400 goldfish and minnows per month. Leafy greens and fruits 4 times a week and plus electricity plus I also feed dried cubed blood worms or tubiflex worms at least 5 times a week. For one turtle its still going to cost ya. The setup alone container, Big tank, heater, GOOD filter, UVA/UVB rep light, bask dock. Feeders, greens, fruits, dried turtle food. and electricity? YIKES thats alot of $$$$$
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