Is it okay to put a gecko or a beard dragon near a box turtle?

an absolute no no.beard dragons do not need water,remember they are dessert reptiles. they need to enjoy a bath once a week in warm marine to hydrate but thats it,to much humidity will kill them!! the same for geckos!!

Box Turtles are semi adjectives. In the very least, they need humidity and an nouns that they can take a good long soak in. 12" of marine is NOT correct. Box turtles can swim a little, but do better in shallow hose down. 4-5" would be the maximum amount, or shallow enough water that it does not completely cover the carapace and allows the turtle to raise it's pave the way above the water line.

Boxies need comparatively a bit of humidity. Their substrate should be something along the lines of Eco Earth or some other cocnut fiber, or natural fiber, moisture holding substrate. NEVER bed a boxie on sand or pine shavings, or cedar, as they can ingest the first one, and the last two contain oils that are toxic to chelonians.

There are so masses Gecko species, that I can't even address that without knowing what particular one we are talking around.

Bearded dragons are a desert dwelling species. They require very low ambient humidity and much more heat than a Box turtle. Beardeds should have a bowl to drink from, but probably won't submerge themselves resembling a Boxie. Their substrate should be something dry, like aspen bedding or sand, and you must take care that they do not ingest any during feed.

Mixing species takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and experience. Please do not do this for the sake of the animals invovled.
no box turtles require water and geckos and beard dragons only need a bath once a week
man talk about basic stuff. i agree this must be a practical joke

no box turltes are a semi aquatic species (need a large land nouns and a large shallow water area) that need glorious humidity while bearded dragons need dry hot conditions with terrifically little water and most gecko species are territroial and cannot be kept with the other species.

so no u cant
Put it this way.. NO
if you imagine you can do this then you don't deserve to have them.
NO again if you didn;t gain it.
Simply put no, Box turtles are aquatic, Bearded dragons and Leopard geckos aren't. Since the turtles require hose (which should be about 12" deep) the lizards will also be at risk of drowning.
Box turtles are NOT AQUATIC!.. so look right through all that. While they do like a soak from time to time in a shallow pool they are not sea turtles and constant exposure to wet causes them problems next to skin and shell. Box turtles also require huge amounts of room a fish tank is for fish, not box turtles.

As for keeping the others with one? No, almost adjectives box turtle species will eat meat.. geckos are meat. and the turtle will eat it.

As for the beardie? no, they have vastly adjectives humidity needs, substrate needs, temperature requirements.
Funny that no one mentioned your Bearded would most likely try and devour the gecko and when he grows larger he wont tolerate the turtle.
Answers:    Im guessing this is a joke.

u want to keep;
an unspecified gecko species
a bearded dragon
and a box turtle together

NO u cannot do this
geckos unanimously should be kept in same species tanks
bearded dragons want hot (hotter than the turtle and most gecko species) dry enclosures with little or no water. where on earth box turltes need large damp house area's and a water pool and a lower UV output than a beardie

also all the useual mixing issues come into play such as stress, aggression, disease/parasite/bacterial transfer, and different environmental neiches.

so no u cannot do it
Um I wouldn't recommend it!

That ability, DONT DO IT
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