Is it true whether you drop a tarantula, it will explode?

my co-worker told me that if you were to drop a tarantula, it will explode. I haven't been competent to find any info online regarding this.
Nope that wont happen.
The only entity that will happen is that they might lose a leg and they might die. Tarantulas are fragile things.
I own a tarantula and I havent dropped her ever. She is not one to let herself fall minus holding on. Shes so smart:)
rotflmao. Idk but it sounds funny. this might truly help you out on that question. I was external i think last spring and this big spider was coming down out of a tree. it have a big but and it was getting ready to land on my friends come first so i got a stick and told him to move and hit the web it was coming down on so it fell and hit the ground and it really did pop. no quip but idk about tarantulas though
of course not.Let me guess, your co worker is called Iam reldumb
that is what i've heard my tarantula has climbed upside on the inside of the lid and fell down and he's fine i know specifically not a long way down sorry that is all the aid i can give you
Answers:    They dont explode. The back end of a tarantula is pretty fragil tho. If dropped it can break ( split ) and the tarantula will die.
No, If a tarantula would explode every time one would drop then the world would look resembling its been NUKED.

ADDED: Sorry, glad u cleared that up!
WTF?! No. And don't progress dropping tarantula's. Thats cruel.
Now really think about what you asked. Do you truely reflect a tarantula will explode if you drop it? Of course it wouldn't. In less you dropped from the roof of your house
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