Is this type of Kiddie Pool okay for Red Eared Sliders?

Well, my RES's are not even a year old yet. I am just looking for adjectives possible ideas for outdoor ponds/kiddie pools, etc. I would love to have an above ground pond, and maybe over the summer I will build one. I guess I'll merely need to read all about creating ponds and find out how to hang on to the water warm and filteration for ponds as well. I see citizens keep theirs in kiddie pools, how are they keeping their water reheat? How do you keep your turtles water warm surrounded by your outdoor pond that you bought from sears?
Your gonna be haveing to carry it so you can verbs it And you need like 5,6 heaters to heat it up. 5,6 filter or atleast 3 good filters. If you can get adjectives of these things done, i will want to be your pet turtle someday :)
Hard is right it can be done. At the LA zoo we use the stock tanks with heaters sunk in at the bottom. We choose a nice heat up day and before we put the Turtle in we check the temp beside a thermometer. The stock tanks normally have a convenient drain at the bottom for assured drainage. FYI we did not leave the tank filled over hours of darkness, we filled it fresh each time. For an RES make certain to have basking rocks or such.Good luck
Answers:    Thats alot of water to keep heated for them and a couple of filter to keep it clean..but if thats what ya want...they'd love it.

I enjoy used the hard kiddy pools you get at Target and Walmart. They man not be in till subsequent summer.
I got my 150 gal pond form Sears. I also use in the winter a UVA/UVB light..

*I enjoy 2 heaters in my pond and a Pond Master 1500.. you need the filter that pumps the most gallons per minutes.

I get adjectives my supplies from ''.
ok we have kept red ear sliders 6 in each lg kiddie pool indoors and outdoors as for heat them the sun will do the work but u also need to consider where u live and if its too hot the river can get too warm... they also need some instrument to get out of the sun as well a bit of shade... in a minute if it cold in ur area the sun will not do the commission ..also indoor u need to provide uva and uvb lights and a submersible heater...also save in mind turtles are dirty and they will need a pious filtering system to keep the water from getting dirty... we have a total of 36 rescued turtles.. so we use kiddie pools to keep them in till we found homes for them all .which is concrete b/c they are one of the type of reptiles that ppl think they are throw away pets...

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