Leopard gecko plants?

why do some people put plants in the leos cage? what does it do? what is better to bring, fake or real, what ind of plant sould i get whether it is real? are there any real danger to hanging them in the cage? will the leos climb on them?
they use live plants in tanks to assist keep humidity up and to make it more of a Natural environment for the animal it also looks better than a bleak empty coop you can go to http://www.anapsid.org/resources/plants2...
to get info on what plants are safe and here http://www.blackjungle.com/ whether theres not a list on this site email them they can get you a list of non toxic plants to give your leo
They probably do it to make the cage more interesting, and provide hiding spots. Leopard geckos don't need much humidity so a peril could be the plant adding to humidity. If you get real plants, try something that lives contained by a warm dry climate, like aloe. I would recommend fake plants, as they won't die and near isn't really a benefit to having live plants for them.
Answers:    People use plants to manufacture the cage look nicer..very simple.

If you wish to add on plants there are two pssibilites. Fake or live plants.

You can use either potted plants concealed behing rocks and covered with substrate or directly growing into the substrate. Lighting is a huge concern here.within should be a full spectrum light runninng the length of the cage.

Good Desert plants to use:

-snake plants (Sansevieria trifasciata)
aristocrat plant (Haworthia fasciata)
-pony-tailed palms (Beaucarnea recurvata)
-caudexed figs (Ficas palmeri)
dwarf cow-tongues (Gasteria sp.)

Also devout plants to use (not considered desert plants, but still do well with leos)
- Pothos

Artificial plants will be safer, but the risks with live non-toxic plants are minimal.what you hold to worry about is any live bugs living on the plants, so quarantine is a must.

I wouldn't consider hanging them to be treacherous unless it provides your geckos a means of escaping.and if hung improperly they could go down down and hurt the gecko.
most people use fake plants for hides/ climbing area's for leos to explore. put-on are better than live because live up humidity this is a bad thing for leos are im sure u know.
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