Moss growing on turtles vertebrae?

I have had a turtle for almost a year and when i get it it didn't have any moss growing on its back. Now its got ALOT. I hang on to the tank clean and look after it well...If tried to acquire it off with a scrubby thing but it didnt work.
How do you bring it off?
Does it affect the turtle in anyway?
The "moss" is probably algae and will not harm the turtle in any path. If it bothers you, use an old toothbrush to remove it. You can use salt as an abrasive, whether you want. A better way to get rid of it is to encourage your turtle to bask more, assuming you own a species that normally basks a lot. You could also cut down on the algae by putting tadpoles within the tank. The tadpoles would eat the algae and the turtle could eat the tadpoles.
Answers:    resourcefully .. it happens but what you can do it take if bad with an nail brush and make certain ur turtle seats under the light more that process it doesnt really happen again and make sure ur feed him or her an good diet ..

its not going to hurt the turtle alot of wild turtles have that on them but whether u dont like it just cage them within with a lamp over them for like 2 hours a daylight and it should grow back ...
Moss or algae?

I have no experience with actual moss growing on turtle shells, but algae can be scrubbed sour with a toothbrush..don't worry about scrub to hard either, a toothbrush won't cause any pain/damage to a athletic turtle carapace.
Mr Haun is right, you dont own the right lighting for your tank. It could also be from your water temp being to heat, so if your not sure, check. Turts LOVE sunlight. Try getting a $10 baby pool at walmart and using it external in the summer so your turt can sun. Never leave it unsupervised tho, any stray cat would love some turtle soup.

The moss won't harm your turtle, but whether you want it off try rubbing a dab of cooking oil into the moss and letting it sit for a few minutes. Than use reheat water and a rag. If that doesn't work, you should be able to simply rake up it off with a butter knife, but mind.
it is faultlessly normal for a turtle to have moss on it's back.
don't verbs about him/her!

you must be a great turtle keeper!
You are probably not providing the right kind of light... or enough of it... Turtles should really own some natural sunlight. even the best bulbs are not perfect. I would look up the condition online as well.
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