My beard dragons not moving !! whats wrong?

its tank is at 77 degrees c, could it be cold
are you certain 77 degree c? or F? cuz during the day the heat should be 40 to 43 point c (105F-110F) and during the night 15 to 27 degree c (60-80F) and when their body temperature go down at night they go to sleep, meaning they don't wake up up, they freeze in their spot and don't move until they get warmed up the subsequent morning.
Since you already own a dragon, this shouldn't be necessary to say, but beardies need a reheat environment. With a hot basking site of 100degrees and a cool side of about 80. Only at night should the pen be that cool.

If you are trying to say that it is 77 celsius, that is far too hot and your dragon is probably dead.
he should have a basking site around 90-100 degree f, cooler area around 80-85. so he could be a little cold right now. also he could be trying to brumate, resembling hibernation. mine will wake up and eat some crickets but nothing else right very soon. as long as he's not loosing to much weight he should be fine. if he starts to look skinny at all obtain him to a vet.
bearded dragon's have dormit seasons, nearly like hibernation. they will go through this a couple times a year. give him crickets and greens or some apple bits and he should be fine. although this is run of the mill i would take him to a vet if it continues for any significant amount of time or seem lethargic.
77 degrees Celsius is approach to hot and if you mean Farenheit it is to cold.
do you have a heat pad? not a hot rock because that could burn it.
and im pretty certain 77 is to cold for a bearded dragon. if its old and big they scarcely move
Answers:    That is way to freezing for him. he should be have it at about 90 degrees. I''m sad to read out if you dont turn the temperature up he could die.
Hope this helps and worthy luck :)
Bearded dragons normally don't move like mad despite how warm their cages are. And the bigger they get, the slower. My friend have one for five years and I think I saw him move like...three times. >.>
bearded dragons dont tend to move they usally just bask and eat. Also the temp is moderately cold it should be 85 Fat the least and 90 F at the most.
hope this helps!
do you have a hot rock for him?

How matured is he?

Did he just eat?

Good luck!
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