My Bearded Dragon Has Fleas In His Cage ?

ive cleaned out the cage tons of times my sister has a cat n will not get rid of it so is here some thing i can use to get rid of the fleas or get some article to eat them lol
your sister needs to get control of the fleas on her cat. she doesn't need to gain rid of it. flea collars are pretty much useless they just keep the fleas away from the cats d¨Ścolletage. i use advantage on two dogs and two cats. i don't use it all the time, just when i become aware of some fleas, usually twice a year. it works great. never noticed any in my dragons cistern though.
Get your sister to buy the cat a flea collar and spray all the furniture etc. Be careful with sprays around the beardie though - you may want to filch him out of the room until the air has cleared so you dont gas him! Also I wouldnt put anything in his pen in case he eats it. Putting stuff around the external of his cage might help. Good luck, but its your sister who needs to start next to sorting her cat out!
go to your local pet shop, they will have flea powder what you sprinkle in the hold and they will all die in around a day.
i used to own one with a cat!
put your lizard in a different cage, put some flea powder in it and the bathe it really good the next day. be certain no powder is still in the cage then put the lizard put a bet on in and if it is not already in ur room put it surrounded by there and see what happens. or if u share a room beside ur ask ur parents if u can stay in a different room and not let the cat surrounded by
Answers:    some flea powders are extremley dangerous to reptiles they cause upper respritory infections and can execute him!! what substarte are you using? and how are the fleas getting into your viv?
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