Need back next to shipping Leopard Geckos! PLEASE HELP?

I have two Leopard Geckos. I will be moving in December from Texas to Idaho and want to send them earlier I fly up there. My husband will be there to receive them. I've talk to UPS and they said they could ship them, but I would have to come up with the carrier for them to be shipped surrounded by. Right now, all I have is the little plastic carrying baggage with a carrying handle and a lid that opens at the top of it. It's matching type of carrier that you'd take them home surrounded by from the pet store.

That being said, can anyone help me figure out the easiest method to ship them? I'm running out of ideas, and I absolutely have to enjoy them with us at our new home. I'm prepared to spend up to $200 to get them there safely. They hold to be kept warm on their trip also.

If anyone knows an answer to this, PLEASE HELP ME!!

Thanks ahead of time!
Thank you for caring for your Geckos!!

I looked at some Gecko sites -- from what I read, you'd need to ship them Overnite, in temperature of between 40 and 85 degrees -- anything else could be fatal.

Talk to someone at UPS and get more information from them -- UPS requirements to be more specific with you -- and for what you will be spending to ship your geckos, UPS needs to give you explicit information.

Perhaps this Leopard gecko breeder ( I found the site on line) can pass you more information about what type of carrying case to use to ship them in. Call her or email her:
When i worked at a pet shop all the shipments came in cardboard boxes next to little fine-mesh screen windows in them and "Live Animals" printed on them. There are a choice of shipment methods available. You can pack some bedding (I think shredded newspaper is fine) to moderate the temp, just use guardedness not to let them go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I believe FedEx is better than UPS (do not use USPS) and you could try DHL also. Just state that it's a temperature-controlled shipment.
Answers:    You need to use a styrofoam creased reptile shipping box (which you can order online through a reptile supply store). You put the leos in hole punched deli cups (again, online supply), pack them contained by the box with newspaper and a 40 hour heat pack. You want to get sure the heat pack is NOT touching the cups or it could burn them.

Get them to UPS right before they close and settle for them to be delivered first thing in the morning (by 10am, I think). Because it's going to be cold up near, a cold pack is an absolute must. They should be fine. As long as you pack them well in cups (with a touch paper towel) and in the box so the cups don't move, they'll be ok.

You cannot use the carrier or they're simply be tossed around all over the place. Preventing them from moving too much will also prevent injury. Good luck! If you look around on the internet, there are step by step guides on how to ship. I included a couple... so just move about search for shipping supplies (or make your own box with styrofoam and a glutinous cardboard box).
I forget the first name but there is an animal shipper. Google animal transport and I'm sure you'll find them. I wouldn't use UPS as they are not accustomed to shipping animals. On the flip side, we have received a 13 ft rock python through the letters. It was weird. We opened up this roomy cardboard box and there was the snake coiled up so big he was pushing out the sides of the box. It should be fine a short time ago check out animal transport. Good luck!
You can use Reptster (link below), they hold insulated shipping boxes, heat packs, etc. that you can purchase to pack your animal in. I believe they are surrounded by the middle of switching carriers, but will have all the info you stipulation on the site, just click the shipping link. I've bought shipping supplies and shipped through them before near satisfactory results. That being said, weather is a huge factor when shipping animals and a lot of places will not ship whether the weather is not right. You can also check with the Post Office, some locations will ship and receive live reptiles. Delta Dash is another animal carrier, but I think your hubby would own to pick up the animal within an hour or so of arrival at the airport.
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