Temperature for my snake?

i have a corn snake in my room but it's not that hot in in that. the temp in the room down the hall says 70* and i enjoy two 60W bulbs shining at one end of the cage. i don't know the temp in the round up exactly. maybe 72* - 75*?
Is this too cold?
What can i do to make it hotter?
what will it do to my snake whether i don't fix it?
You need to invest a thermometer. Though I prefer temp guns and always recommend buying from here: http://www.proexotics.com/ you can use just nearly anything that will give you an accurate reading at both ends of the cage. Temp guns range contained by price from $25 to $100 and are invaluable.

There are minor differences in different breeders recommendations for corn snake temps, though the consensus seems to be a thaw out side of 80 - 88 degrees and a cool side of about 10 degrees smaller quantity. Do your own research and decide what temps you want to keep your snake at. The most efficient road I've found to heat snake enclosures is use of UTHs (under tank heaters) or fry tape.

Though corn snakes can do ok at room temps, to thrive and properly and efficiently digest food they should be set up w/ a heat source and warm/cool areas.
I enjoy two rat snakes, which are a close relative of corn and king snakes. And neither of them have heat on them at all. They are fine at room heat. I have had my male for five years and my feminine for four years this December. They have never had heat on them. I bought them from a man who have been raising reptiles and amphibians for over thirty years, his top sellers individual rat, corn and king snakes as well as common boas, reticulated pythons, anacondas, ball pythons, and other a range of reptiles and amphibians. He does not have heat on any of his rats, corns, and kings. And they do great without steam.
ur snake will be fine at around 75 but if u can try 2 get it up around 80 on the warm side and around 76 on the cold .

ur local pet store should put on the market thermostats that accuretly measure temperature
hope this helps.
Thats pretty corn snake or any type of snake, this is what the temperature should be, As with all snakes, they entail a high temperature during the day to allow their food to digest. If this is not if, the snake will regurgitate the meal back up to prevent this from rotting in their stomach. A heat of 30C (85F) should be provided during the day with a drop down to 25C (75F) at hours of darkness. The easiest way to provide heat is to place a warmness mat under 1/3 of the tank and use a low wattage bulb during the day to stimulate the daytime time hours. The cool end must be provided with a hose dish so the snake can maintain its own temperature.

Hope this helps and honest luck
Answers:    You need to get a digital probe thermometer...you cant really guess at the temps for your snake. 72-75 is ok thats truly great for a night time temp the temp should be around 80ish during the day though.
Here is how a cornsnake should be set up though.
To set up their tank attain a critter cage (it is made for reptiles and has a locking lid) a baby will be fine surrounded by a 29 gallon long. As an adult it will need a 40 gallon long. Put an appropriately sized under reservoir heater on one side of the tank (just go by what the pay for of the box tells you on size). The best substrate is aspen bedding so that the snake can burrow in it. Put about an inch of substrate on the bottom of the container and put the snakes hide on the warm side of the tank after add more substrate in so that the snake can totally hide itself contained by it. Since the snake burrows I don’t put a hide on the cold side of the tank I just use one on the hot side so that the snake can be higher than the substrate but still hidden when they want warmth. Put the water dish on the cool side. Put some brand of driftwood (pet store) in so that the snake can use it to climb on and also to rub up against when the snake is shedding. Also a digital thermometer is needed to make sure the hot side doesn’t attain too hot (84 F is the hottest you want it 78 – 81 F is perfect). I don’t monitor the cool side of my colubrids because as long as the hot side is in a good range next if they get too cold they can always achieve warmer. Just an undertank heater usually works for heat during the summer, depending on where you live if you need more roast during the winter a 50 watt basking bulb on the hot side usually brings the temp up enough.
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