Tortoise or Turtle: Which make a better pet? ?

I have been doing some research on pets, and tortoises/turtles have caught my eye. I want to bring one up to my parents as a birthday present, but I'm not certain what species would be best. I am looking for something that can be handled easily and that has apposite personality, but also that doesn't grow too big. I am willing to fit it's needs, ( I know something like "tortoise tables" and tortoise enclosures), so I am more focused on the species. Any suggestions?
I close to them both, but my turtles have lived alot longer. They are my favorite and I think you should get your parents a box turtle. They are effortless to care for and not very expensive. For more info, you can go to and e-mail them.
i have a 1 year antiquated sulcata. they're adorable!
turtles need water changes and they smell =x
you can variation a tortoise's tank about once a month =D
oh and if you live contained by la,california you can go to beverly center they have the CUTEST tortoises! i got mine here =)
i just noticed you question say "but also that doesn't grow too big."
tortoises grow big in 100 years XD
mine's almost 2 years old and it's roughly the size of a 3x5 index card
Answers:    On my 18th b-day I got to little aquatic bright green turtles. Aquatic as mine are or land these guys are a vivacity long commitment. Think twice about getting aquatic turtles.
I wish you luck. I own been a mom to Two 36 yr old females for 36 long yrs.( plus an 8,5 and 2 yr old males for the second 7 yrs now)
Remember 10 gallons for every inch of turtle.
I have used kiddy pools and plastic pond liners from most nurseries and now a 150 gal pond.
They are the coolest. Not cuddly pets at adjectives.
Sliders, cooters , painted, map, yellow bellied all are basically alike and require the same basic care.
They NEED calcium and protein they attain it from the fish meat and the fish bones. Drop 20 or so feeder guppies, goldfish or minnows in the tank and watch them disappear within a few days! The more they eat the healthier the turtle. When I got these two 36 yrs ago adjectives we had in back consequently were goldfish to feed so after 36 yrs and still going strong. They can eat goldfish!
This route when they swim for their dinner they get exercise also!
TOSS in a bird cuttle bone in the hose down for calcium that will promote better shell growth, it will dissolve real slow and if they eat it that’s fine!!
They can own garden worms, meal worms, snails, crickets, flies, crayfish small frogs, slugs, tadpoles dragon flies and anything that moves, but only as a treat.
They need leafy greens Romaine, Butter lettuce. (Iceberg and cabbage are impossible for them, any other leafy greens will do) for vitamin A that they need at least 3 to 4 times a week.
They love grapes and strawberries and squash.

.**Swollen cloudy eyes which means undersupplied in Vitamin A. Which we all need for virtuous eyes. Google ‘vegetables with Vitamin A.
Did you know that they need to bask under a reptile hurricane lantern UVA/UVB for up to 8 hrs a day for the vitamin D that they need to grow. So that means getting a turtle dock also.
Leave the furnace on 75 to 78 degrees always.
These turtles in captivity do not hibernate their drinking may slow down some but they will not hibernate.
They will bite very very hard.
Under 4" they transport a disease called 'salmonella'. So you must wash after every handling. These guys can become cannibalistic and will kill the smallest turtle whether there is not enough room and food. Two turtles should have a 55 gallon reservoir to start. TO START ! Cause if they live you’ll need 100 gallons soon.
And my pictures don't lie. All ages and adjectives sizes get along as long as their is allot for swim room and plenty to eat!
These guys in my pond find 400 plus goldfish a month. Leafy greens and fruits 4 times a week and plus electricity plus I also feed dried cubed blood worms or tubiflex worms at least 5 times a week. For one turtle its still going to cost ya. The setup alone tank, Big cistern, heater, GOOD filter, UVA/UVB rep light, basking dock. Feeders, greens, fruits, dried turtle food. and electricity? YIKES that’s profoundly of $$$$$$.
Their water needs to be clean otherwise they draw from sick easily from dirty water cause they poop allot. You obligation a good filter system!
Total Body length: 5-8" average for males, up to 12 inches max for females. Life span: 15-25+ years
Males have the longer front nails and are used within mating. And are considered mature at about 5 yrs antediluvian. You can’t start sexing till about 3” across.
Gravel larger than they can swallow.
They sleep at the bottom of rivers, streams. lakes or ponds or your tank to avoid predators resembling coyotes, foxes, owls, hawks, possums, raccoons and even some wide mouth bass and us humans.
You probably already know that they get sick easily, shell rot, respiratory sickness, lopsided swimming, coughing, blowing bubbles from their muzzle. Fungus white cotton patches on their skin?

Contact the “, for a turtle vet / RESCUE in your city and state or country..


Torts are easier, but most get prett large. I have a red foot and it is unyielding as hell to keep his enclosure humid, a good tort might be an african spurd tort whether your parents are willing to eventually move him into an enclosure in the put money on yard!
Hermans tort might be a better choice!
Try to obtain one from a breeder and not a pet store.
tortoise. they are low maintenance ,don't grow very fast and don't obligation water as much in their lives. thay also live a very long time.
Get a box turtle. some ethnic group are so stupid and dumn because they think turtles only live contained by water. tortises are all ways too depressed and well nevermind. But besides get a box turtle the live on land and would not have any intention to bite or hurt you. trust me. GET A BOX TURTLE.
Tortoise. SO much easier to feed...seriously. And cleaner. No river to deal with other than soaking & drinking.
I love turtles and i've have two turtles so i'd say turtles. Well turtles normally dont bite and they get big but not as big as tortise. They swim surrounded by water and just once a day you can nurture them food pelets or guppies TURTLES ROCK!
A tortoise is a better choice. They require less care since they are land dwellers. A species that make an awesome pet is the Redfoot tortoise. You have to make sure that they own a lot of moisture but they are generally east to care for. A perfect choice for an enclosure would be a plastic storage container- I'm serious. Tortoise tables are usually be paid out of wood; since redfoots need a moist habitat this doesn't work because the wood molds. So find a large storage container that does not have clear sides and he will do fine.
Good luck.
The easiest tortoise to take contemplation of is a greek tortoise the easiest turtle is a mud or musk turtle.
i prefer turtle ! the Singapore ones, it's cheap by the way! it's sooo darn cute. even if it constantly need hose. but hey. i have a turtle and i like it
i propose you get a turtle. tortoises can grow to over 700 pounds and there expected live span is up to 200 years. they can live longer than you!
did you really ask this grill?
Tortise... it lives on territory. A turtle requires constant water.
Well I have a Russian Turtle. And she is a really good turtle to have.
I thought that you could find tortoises in like ohio ir something. I don't know where i hear that. But whatever.
I love my turtle (Russian Turtle) They are very cute and they don't get too big!
They're the same aren't they?
Turtle !

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