URGENT! my painted turtle comatose or hibernate?

We have had this painted turtle for about 4 months. It other eats whats in it tank. Yesterday i wash her shell with a toothbrush (no soap or chemicals) and i fed her a cricket and some carrots. When i put her vertebrae into the tank she was very unruly. this morning I found her by a wall not moving. When i turned her light on her eyes opened but haven't closed since. When I was departure for school as i walked by she snapped her feet together. She hasn't changed color or anything similar to that. Is she dead or hibernating? there is no dirt or mud surrounded by here tank.
She is probly hibernating, they can hibernate in leaves whether you have them to. It seems pretty healthy.
Do you hold a land area for the turtle to go on external of the water?
Answers:    Give us more info about her home. There is alot of info online on how to permit outdoor pet turtles hibernate. If shes inside then there could be something wrong with the conditions.

** That may something to do near it. A sudden drop in temp will cause that dazed state. If you dont have one, find a turtle proof tank heater for the water. One near a temperature dial thats enclosed in plastic. You can take them at big pet stores. Keep the water between 76 and 80 degrees at all times.

Its tricky for turtles to digest their food without a very warm bask area or warm water. Also try feed it softer insects. Silk worms are best but hard to find out of season. Earthworms and feeder fish (rosy minnows) are ok once in a while. Turtle pellets are best beside fresh greens (no romain)

The hard bodied insects like crickets can cause blockages.

If you cant attain a water heater soon for her than id drop the hose down level so she cant just sit submerged in cold river. A good trick is to put a few inches of warm water surrounded by your sink and soak her in it for about an hour. Definately go return with a heat bulb and give her a warmer bask area.

You can get her to snap out of it but it may take a touch time. Dont offer her any more food until she is active again.

I keep my turtles reservoir at 80 degrees at all times (the water) with a reptile bask lamp shining at an angle on the dock.

**You dont want her to go into hibernation because she just ate. The food can rot surrounded by their stomach. So just warm her up and keep it thaw out and she should be ok.

And dont let it bother you when people try to insult you for simply not having adjectives the info you need for a pet. Its better to inform people of what they need and oblige them to improve the habitat, then it is to insult them. Obviously this turtle means someting to you or you wouldnt own asked for help. Which means you will probably do everything that is needed to supply the turtle a proper home..

Yes. It should be a reptile heat lamp. The box have reptiles on it.
Yes id get her in hose closer to 76 or higher.

**look at my best answers page. There is one for what red eared sliders need. I put a long list near. All the basics for aquatic turtle care.
ok J BRday..
he needs a heater bleak. Walmart 17.00!
Water for a baby has to be 78 to 80 or they it will stop eating.
These turtles contained by captivity do not hibernate their eating may slow down some but they will not hibernate.
some advice?


Remember 10 gallons for every inch of turtle.

They NEED calcium and protein they get it from the fish meat and the fish bones. Drop 20 or so feeder guppies, goldfish or minnows surrounded by the tank and watch them disappear in a few days! The more they guzzle the healthier the turtle. When I got these two 36 yrs ago all we have in back then be goldfish to feed so after 36 yrs and still going strong. They can eat goldfish!
This way when they swim for their dinner they bring exercise also!
TOSS in a bird cuttle bone in the water for calcium that will promote better shell growth, it will dissolve indisputable slow and if they eat it that’s fine!!
They can have garden worms, teatime worms, snails, crickets, flies, crayfish small frogs, slugs, tadpoles dragon flies and anything that moves, but only as a treat.
They need leafy greens Romaine, Butter lettuce. (Iceberg and cabbage are bad for them, any other leafy greens will do) for vitamin A that they obligation at least 3 to 4 times a week.
They love grapes and strawberries and squash apples.
.**Swollen cloudy eyes which means lacking contained by Vitamin A. Which we all need for good eyes. Google ‘vegetables near Vitamin A.
Did you know that they need to bask under a reptile light UVA/UVB for up to 8 hrs a morning for the vitamin D that they need to grow.
They need a turtle basking dock.
Gravel larger than they can swallow
Leave the kiln on 78 to 80 degrees always.

These turtles in captivity do not hibernate their ingestion may slow down some but they will not hibernate.
They will bite very very hard. Under 4" they take a disease called 'salmonella'. So you must wash after every handling.
These guys can become cannibalistic and will kill the smallest turtle whether there is not enough room and food.
Their water requests to be clean otherwise they get sick easily from dirty hose cause they poop allot. You need a good filter system!
Total Body length: 5-8" average for males, up to 12 inches max for females. Life span: 15-25+ years
Males own the longer front nails and are used in mating. And are considered matured at about 5 yrs old. You can’t start sexing till about 3” across.
They sleep at the bottom of rivers, streams. lake or ponds or your tank to avoid predators like coyotes, foxes, owls, hawks, possums, raccoons and even some wide mouth bass and us humans.

They procure sick easily, shell rot holes actually rotting through the shell, respiratory sickness, lopsided swimming, coughing, vomiting, blowing bubbles from their nose. Fungus white cotton patch on their skin, treat by adding a 1/4 of a cup of aquarium salt per 5 gallons to irritate and hopefully kill fungus. The increase of sulfa drugs such as those sold at pet stores under the name "Dr. Turtle" also should help waste fungus. Here is one source that sells Dr. Turtle. They also now sell a Sulfa dip by Zoo Med to treat microbes and/or fungus.

Contact the “www.anapsid.org/societies, for a turtle vet / RESCUE in your city and state or country..


First things first

* you did not mention having a heater, to be precise terrible, obviously the poor baby is freezing to passing if there's no heater in the wet to warm it up to temps between 75F-83F. If you had gotten a heater she wouldn't be contained by the corner freezing to death!

*you have a 30 gallon, now unless she is 3 inches or below, that is animal abuse right there

*i hear mention of a "light" Well you need to have two lights, not just one. You have need of a UVB light + a basking light to reheat her up. some random light you found in the garage is not fitting to the slightest bit.

* you said "landing pad" - landing pads are terrible forms of basking sites, and should never be used next to a turtle, never, even tiny turtle babies have a difficult time staying afloat on those things

Instead of "taking her out" like you suggested, why not rush to the store and buy her a ..


bask light

uvb light

uvb fixture

reliable bask dock

Your turtle would be a billion times happier and less on the brink of death if you in recent times got her what she needed, instead of letting her slowly and painfully die!!

EDIT: 71F is really cold to a turtle, yes get her out and put her within some warm water, and put 2 lights on the water whether one is not strong enough. And a fish light is not ok, the basking temps achieve with a basking light necessitate to be 95-100F!!- Do you have that? This is why it is extremely important to get a bask light that is at least 60-75 watts.

hold on to the room warm
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