Why does my Savannah Monitor bite?

My savannah monitor is about 8 months old and 24 inches long. I feed her mice mostly sometime give crickets. Sometimes if I have dead food I nurture her with tong like untensil things.She will completely avoid the food and go for my paw on the other end. Also If she even thinks I have food or am approximately to put my hand in her tank, she will try to bite me. What can I do to stop her from biting...Once I return with her out she is fine and wont bite at me anymore...I pet her head for about half an hour and put her hindmost, and once I go back in some other time, shes right stern at trying to bite me.

My other savannah is calm as can be with me, I can hand nurture him the tinyest piece of food and he will gently take it from me... And anytime he thinks im nearly to feed him, he gets excited, but always lick my hand or w/e it is before he decides to verbs it.
Hey, Of course they can bite but in my assessment the only time any animal ever bites is when they feel threatened or they have be treat badly.

The only ever bite I have ever have was off a ball python that I rescued when she be 8 years old. She was treat bad surrounded by the past and she didn't trust anyone, she hissed and everything but I persisted and now she's great and comes when I interested the vivarium.

Lizard bites don't hurt as I was once nipped of a leopard gecko accidently when he was ripping his shedded skin stale. I was wetting him to make it easier and my little finger get in the way. It was only just like squeezing a spot.
So they can but only if they stipulation to.

Good Luck.
reptiles see heat and sense if somethings alive or limp. Some snakes can't tell if the food is the cold mouse or the warm pulsing appendage. Try to avoid getting bitten. I think you should be as careful as possible and keep your appendage well away while feeding. Try feed it live mice and see if that makes a difference.
Answers:    Are you preparing the food with your bare hands, whether so then she could be mistaking your hands for live food. wash them thoroughly up to that time offering.she might be associating you putting in your hands as feeding time, and some similar to to strike quickly. Savannah's or Bosc's as they are called here in the UK can be somewhat excitable when young adults. try and handle as often as you can but not when shes any hungry or just after being fed. Also you can make a contribution them dead rodents and not live. they are tough reptiles that eat scorpions in the undomesticated, but will calm down like your other one in time. i know the bite is uncomfortable but be brave.
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