i had him for like 3 months already. he just finish shedding yesterday.i nurture him once a week but this is the first time he doesnt want to eat.
u should definitely try a unsullied diet because snakes have a habit of changing in that diet every time they shed.Its a size thing.they also get tired of food easily so try

Don't be alarmed. If your python doesn't eat it is generally because it is stressed. Stress can be caused by numerous things such as over handling, maybe lice, or if you have changed it's home within anyway it may feel uncomfortable. Fasting for 6 or 8 months is not unheard of. (especially during the winter months.(mating season.)) Pay attention to your snake and trade name sure it isn't loosing too much weight. It will usually devour when it's comfortable and hungry.

Hope this helps.
They will other miss a meal while they are shedding as it is a stressful process.
Hope this helps and good luck.
dont panic! it's going to be all right... he freshly shed so it's gonna be a while before he eats. try to feed him within a few days. snakes can go MONTHS without eating and be fine. he may be for a time stressed. Check the temp and humidity levels. Give your snake some space and leave him alone for a few days and try again
Ball pythons are reputed to be able to go for extended period of time without food; wild-caught ball pythons have gone for a year or more lacking food until finally enticed to eat lizards and other snakes. This is not a healthy trait and must not be a reason for select this species. This should also make you suspicious when a pet store tells you that their ball pythons are ingestion well.
they do that. but i would recommend only feeding every other week and not every week.
Answers:    Its winter :) I wouldn't worry. They can go for heaps weeks without food. This is the time of year they naturally slow down and don't eat as much. My 2 orb pythons just had a meal and they wont munch through for about 4 weeks now. You can do what i do (my 2 are a breeder pair) and decrease the amount of desk light they get to match the sunrise/set. Turn on and off the bake mat to match the same cycle. Timers help near this. You can drop the ambient temp in the tank to as low as 60/65 degrees. They wont "hibernate" but they will slow down and not chomp through as much. This is also better for their hormones and reproductive cycle. If it seems to be getting too dry in the house i just plug surrounded by a house humidifier in the same room as the snakes. This helps them shed too. The ball don't require high humidity but they also don't like it extremely dry.
it may be as much as a month they are one of the more finicky eaters try feed him on same schedule
Because you are doing something wrong. If you post some details as to how you're keeping and feeding it, I don`t know somebody can help you.
They do that just chill out...
He's not hungry.
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