Why'd my Bearded Dragon die?

This was my second one, the youngest one, and I have no thought why he died. He was acting wierd in the past 3 days, and nowadays he died. His legs seemed weak.
okay he may have not been getting the proper amount of calcium. calcium deficiency will explanation them to get weak limbs. what where on earth you feeding them and what kind of set up do you have? such as lighting heat etc. another thing that could have happened is that he have a blockage... it is very important to soak them in reheat water to help them poo i soaked mine once a week. well add on some more details on how you cared for them for us to help see what it may have be. you need to do as much research on them and what requirements they need. when you feed your beardie you entail to dust your crickets with calcium powder or get gut laod for the crickets (a vitamin suppliment that the crickets put away and make them more nutritional for the beardie) and do not ever use crickets from your yard or outside they can own pesticides on them that will kill your beardie, and when you feed veggies never ever feed rime burg lettuce there is no nutritional value to it, you need to nurture baby spinach, romaine lettuce, squash, red cabbage,carrots,broccoli,a large mix of things that hold lots of vitamins in it. he needs the fresh veggies daily . i hold a place for the crickets to hide so that the crickets last a week and he has fun "hunting" the crickets. also he wants fresh water daily. well i hope i help.

p.s. here is a link to some illnesses and how to properly care for your beardie it has lots of upright info : http://www.reptileuv.com/reptile-careshe...
I'm sorry for your loss but reading over your previous questions, you just don't come across to have a clue about looking after them and you don't seen to strictness either.

You shouldn't keep two together in impossible to tell apart enclosure.

You certainly should never ever put a smaller one in near a bigger one.

Both of these things are not only basic aspects of bearded dragon thought, but they are also common sense!

I'm guessing it could be one of a million things you are doing wrong that caused it to die, probably the stress of the bigger beardie.

Please do not buy another bearded dragon to replace it.
Ooh. If you give him too big crickets or too many, his legs get paralyzed and he dies. I'm sorry about your beardie. God Bless. :]
you probably gave him crickets that were too big and caused impactation. they should be no larger than the space between their eyes. research!! dont win anymore, they obviously arnt the right pet for you if 2 have died
Answers:    What size enclosure do you hold them in?

What are your temps like?

What have you be feeding them?

Like another has said, it can be many different things that cause your beardies to die.

My recommendation to you is to do research and get everything set up before you purchase another beardie. Even though they are unbelievably hearty reptiles they can die from the littlest things.

Last note, ignore the sacratic, uneducated responses, such as "you don't have a clue." That contributor post nothing but sarcastic and unapprised responses and should be banned from posting on the board.

Sorry to hear about your beardies deaths and longing you the best.
Hey, it could hold been many of things. sounds like calcium less
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