Can i put two Dwarf Hamsters Together? (10 Points)?

I have one dwarf hamster now she is a female and i enjoy had her since April and i was wondering can i get another dwarf hamster manly or female and put them in the same round up? Thanks
You can try it. Just watch them drastically carefully. I'm not sure how your old hamster will quality about sharing her home with a alien hamster. Also, monitor their feeding habits very accommodatingly. Make sure both are getting enough food and that one isn't preventing the other from eating. I enjoy had three separate sets of dwarf hamsters. One set did not get along and fought constantly and viciously. The second set lived blissfully together for years. The third set lived a little too happily together and I awoke one day to find an additional 15 hamsters in the cage!

It's not easy introducing another hamster to an already established hamster. You usually termination up with one fighting or defending their territory. It's not normally successful introducing hamsters together after one has been established in their round up.
Dwarf hamsters do best in groups or pairs when they are from the same cage/litter and have grown up together. Most times, introductions approaching this do not go well.
You can try changing the enclose so no scent remains from the already established hamster and introduce them that way but the chances are low that it will be successful.
It's up to you if you want to try this but I would enjoy an extra cage available. You really do not want to get a manly hamster. Hamsters reproduce quickly and usually have colossal litters. The female can conceive right after birth of the first litter and you would end up with more pups than you can switch. Your hamster is also a little too old for litters.
Dwarf hamsters yep, its Syrians that you can't.
Hmm. I would recommend getting a female whether you wanted another one. However I would watch them carefully because I have a female dwarf hamster and I put another female dwarf hamster who was younger than my first one, together. At first they fought profoundly. But after awhile they got used to each other.
Answers:    Hi there, this is a subject particluarly relevant to me as i have just started to breed russian hamsters. You can introduce another hamster but be prepared for a bit of hassle first and the opportunity that they just may not want a friend! however i have found the best way is to find a approach to seperate the cage in two make certain it is fresh and smells of neither and keep them side by side so they can see and smell each other without in actuality touching, then swap them over every day or so until they get used to the smell of respectively other and it mingles. I have 1 male and two females living together which i now find from further reading is roughly speaking the ideal mix i originally had two of each but one masculine was just not sociable and had to be seperated. If you want to introduce another hamster do it until that time they are about six months for optimum sucess. Also russian male hamsters are unusual surrounded by the fact that they make great fathers and give a hand to rear the litter and can be left happily next to the mother and babies. If you have an older female i would support trying a new cage and letting the younger male go and get settled in first as females tend to be more aggressive and introducing her to new territory may deflect some of that aggression. I keep hold of my 3 hamsters in a fantastic hamster cage roughly the best and biggest i have been able to find and they a short time ago love the 3 levels and variety so i though i would recommend it to you too

Hope this helps.


Sorry once i start i find it difficult to stop, simply to add that female russian hamsters can breed till about a year weak at which point they normally go sterile anyway but they do breed ALOT so whether this is what you want be very prepared! All four of my hamsters came from different litters and i have introduced 3 next to no problems so you just never know.
helloo.. yes you can with the sole purpose if you put them together from birth .. i had to lovley girls they got on extremly all right .. and the only problem is if one dies of disease the other could catch it but im certain it wouldn't come to that and also syrins cannot be together for the fight together !

Good Luck !

I used to have dwarf hamsters. I also started sour with one but then my mom bought me more which wasnt a good article.
They are one of the most vishus hamsters. They like to attak each other and eat respectively other.
Its not a very cool thing to see your hamster dead when you turn to feed and play with it.
Do not a get another dwarf hamster!!
i wouldnt bring back a male unless you want loads of babies, but dwarf hamsters can be housed in pairs or groups.
If you get a male they will mate and next you'll need a separate cage for the male besides since he might kill the babies. I recommend you get another female.
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