Certain Types Of Hamsters Compatible?

so i have a dalmation hamster && a teddy bear hamster. the cuddly toy bear is a girl, && the dalmation is a boy. i've seen them mate, i'm i'm sure that she would hold been prego by now, but she shows no signs at all, she hasn't even grown any around her tummy nouns. it's been a week && a half since they had mate && she hasn't been in heat ever since. is it that they aren't compatible, or is that possible?
Answers:    You really shouldn't preserve Syrian hamsters together because as they age they'll fight and one will eventually kill the other, most likely the manly will die. It also stresses them a great deal to be caged together. Your hamsters may get along now because they are totally young, which also may be why your hamster isn't pregnant. She may be pregnant though because hamsters typically don't show until the day before they impart birth. Also, do you have the room to house possibly twenty baby hamsters if you can't obtain rid of them all? They all need a seperate domestic if you can't get rid of them all by the time they are five to six weeks antiquated. Four weeks is what some people will tell you but that's just for a moment bit too young to leave mom. Also, at such a young age your hamster may drink her babies because she doesn't know what else to do with them. You have to let her because it is nearly impossible to care for baby hamsters on your own. When the babies are born you MUST remove the father or he will definitley eat them or exterminate them. He will also stress out the mom and make her more likely to eat or execute them. You should really just get him a new shut within as soon as possible. You really should have been more responsible before allowing your hamsters to breed. Do you know what their pedigree is? I'm guessing not because you're using pet store names for you hamsters instead of the correct term: Syrian. I hope you swot from this.
Teddy Bear and Syrian are the same type of hamster. I used to only have Dwarf hamsters for years but after have two Syrian hamsters that's what I suggest.

Compared to the Dwarf, they are much easier to handle because of their larger size and much easier to tame. Once house-train, personality permitting, they are very accepting of a character and many enjoy being handle. I find most Syrian hamsters to be much more friendly. Each hamster has their own personality though.

Most of my Dwarf hamsters preferred not to be handled, even the pups that grew up surrounded by my home, so I mostly left them alone. My two Syrian hamsters hear my voice and usually stir up to greet me. I enjoy them because they seem to enjoy man picked up and are very social.

The downside is with a Syrian is that you can only hold one Syrian in a cage. You can have more than one Dwarf housed together whether they are from the same cage/litter. Syrians are highly territorial and after six weeks of age must live on their own. So if you want more than one hamster per shut within you have to get a Dwarf hamster.

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