Did My Gerbil Eat My Other Gerbil?

ok i (had)to gerbils named fluffy and lil pocieana :D both female. One day i go to check on them and they were fine. but te next day when i go to play wit em and lil pocieana was dead with a gap in the leg with blooding coming out. i know this might sound crazy but i dream up fluffy on bit its leg for some reason they always used to get along but i would sometimes here fluffy sqeaking but it looked approaching they were mating and she enjoyed it but i reason she didnt -_- does any one know how to find out
fyi i took to vet and they said they didnt know :P
Most probably. & they're both female, they wouldn't mate.
They were, most likely conflict,not mating.You may have misinterpreted a submissive position as mating-if the dominating animal chooses, it can either gun down or let the opponent go.The gap in the leg is from a fight and the femoral artery was severed-this is cruel without intervention.

Sorry about Pocieana.
Answers:    I think what you thought was playing or mating behavior be actually fighting. Fluffy must have bit Pocieana and that probably cause her to die more from shock than from blood loss. From what I've heard, gerbils are not sociable with each other apart from when mating. I wouldn't get Fluffy another cage-mate if I be you.

I'm sorry about Pocieana.
they do eat respectively other. is the gerbil dead? i have lost litters . you seem confused as to the details.. whether you could explain better i could help you with more of what happened. i would close to to help you.
Um they were probably warfare.
There's a huge difference between fighting and playing. Sometimes females fight if they weren't properly introduced.
And don't listen to those citizens who say gerbils are bad pets. They are just used to laid-back hamsters who doing nothing all day.
Hope this help and email me if you need anymore tips!
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