Do i want to move the dad guinea pig from the babies?

my female guinea pig just gave birth to 2 little babies and i required to know if you needed to move the dad away from them. this is my first time to have babies approaching this...i'm never even had a new born puppy. so, if any one have any help for me it would be really apreciated
yes if you dont there is a good unsystematic he will eat them and thats not cool lol good luck
Well, you are too late to stop him from re-breeding the sow which may have happen soon after she gave birth. You do not need to remove him for the babies sake. He won't hurt them and may even help near them a bit. However, it is possible that the sow wasn't immediately re-bred and, if he is left surrounded by, he will re-breed her when she next comes into estrus.

I would remove him, not for the babies sake, but for the sows!
I have a friend who breeds rats who told me horror stories about the manly rats eating the young. It wouldn't hurt to be on the safe side, particularly if you already have the space for them.
Yes you do, not because the male will hurt the babies but because your female can get pregnant inside 2 to 15 hours after giving birth! Click on this link for more info.

Yes, absolutely.
They don't always munch through the babies, but it would be a good idea to move him until the babies are a little bigger.
Move the dad immediately. He should have be moved to a 'bachelor pad' before the babies came. Turn the computer off and move him NOW! Males can put away the babies, or the females can eat them rather than let the dad close by them!
yeah, they'll eat the babies sometimes.
Answers:    Yes You need to move it away. Also mother could efficiently become pregnant again and that could end with the mother dieing as she can not look after this litter at the same time. Keep the babies near the mother until they are about 3-4 weeks and they will drink milk from her.Sows can breed at the tender age of five weeks but this is too young. Males can breed at about alike age so it's best to separate them at 3-4 weeks. It is vital that they are separated at this age or it is possible the males will breed with their mother who will not be ready for another litter or their sisters who will be to childish. This site shows you how to determine if the babies are boys or girls.

Good Luck
yes or else the femlae g-pig will gain pregant again

The father guinea pig eats them or something whether you don't.. my guinea pigs had babies once and I did that.
Yes I deem you do need to move the father away from the babies. My friend raised guinea pigs and she other did that.
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