Do rat nip hurt I,m getting a rat and I'm worried?

I'v been reading about how rats play and they keep truism they will probably nip you .does nipping hurt?
Rats don't really bite much. It's hamsters that bite! If you get the rats from a young age and manipulate them lots and lots, they will be very tame and won't bite. Don't know who writes about them probably nip, they're not well known for that!

As long as the rat you draw from is properly socialized (most pet store rats aren't, better to get one from a breeder) you shouldn't get nipped at adjectives, even in play. Some rats do play-bite, and those bites don't hurt at all most of the time. It can be easy to engender them stop play-biting, just let out a squeak every time it happens which will agree to them know they are being too rough.

If the rat is biting aggressively those bites CAN hurt. The best way to avoid being bitten weakly is to make sure you get a well-socialized rat to start with. Try looking for a breeder in your area, nearly all breeder rats are wonderful and loving pets that would never bite a human.

Good luck!
Answers:    It may or may not hurt - it depends on how hard they nip, and why. I have some that nip, most that don't presently, and I've had a few that seriously bit, broke skin, and drew blood, besides leaving a scar.

What I'm going to propose, you're not going to like - but if you're already scared, don't receive a rat. Animals pick up when humans are afraid, and they will test you even more than usual by nipping or biting you. So if you show concern, you're doomed. Spare yourself, and the rat, and don't get one unless you know you can handle it, love it, care for it, AND NOT be afraid of it.

Rat nips that they are chitchat about are most likely grooming nips, kinda resembling nibbling on your fingernails. IT should never be harsh or strong enough to hurt. They similar to to chew on your fingernails, groom your skin, clean you up a bit. If it hurts at all you need to transmit them, make a squeak or just say no and move them. They will not intentionally hurt you. If a rat bites you and it is bloody or it does draw blood then that rat was not grooming you, but was hugely angry for some reason. It happens very incredibly rarely. In my experience, only once have I be bitten by a rat that meant to bite me, and that was when I was taking attention of a friend's rat that didn't know me and had just had babies. If your rat know you won't hurt it then there should be no problem. Even a pregnant rat or a new mama rat will once in a blue moon go after the hands it knows.
Get at least 2 rats.

They occasionally nip to groom, and it feels virtuous. A scared or mishandled rat will also nip. Rats nip each other if they play argue. There shouldn't be any injuries, it's normal behavior.
One of my rats will sniff and nibble at my fingers. He can tell the difference between flesh and fingernail, so the fleshy nip are fairly soft.
Your boyfriend probably bites harder than a friendly rat would.
However, being sure you hold no food smell on your hands goes a long way toward avoiding nibbles and nip. Just to be on the safe side, I'll sometimes run my hand through the bedding to dilute any smells I carry into the round up.

I have 2 rats and they won't usually nip at you and whether they do it may hurt a little but not much, don't worry!
I've had seven rats altogether. The only time they bit me be when I had food on my hands, and even then it wasn't a bite so much as a snatch. I've always had females, though. A male might be a bit more territorial or something. A rat that have had poor socialization with humans might bite harder as well. I bought one rat who be about two years old once and had be used as a breeding rat but had been retired. She bit me a few times, but only drew a tiny amount of blood. And I be being a bit irresponsible too (ie. I poked my fingers into her cage). She actually ended up giving birth three days after we bought her and her babies, which be partially hand-raised (I left most of it to her) were great. I kept two and they be both great.

So a rat shouldn't bite you hard enough to draw blood without one provoked/threatened. Just make sure you're friendly and gentle beside your rat and you should have a loving little buddy!
I've kept rats and they only nip when they are frightened or handled roughly. If you are scared, grasp the person that you are getting the rat from to show you how to handle it properly or better still if you know anyone who have rats ask them if you could handle their rats just to comfort boost your confidence. Good luck. They do make the best pets.
I'm not sure, I own a guinea pig... Once, the guinea pig nipped me but it didn't hurt, and it started bleeding a teeenny tiny bit. it probably wn't hurt but just in luggage, don't stick ur fingers in the rats mouth(jk).
They usually don't nip you and when they do it is either a mistake or because they quality threatened or they are trying to tell you something.

Mine only nip me if i stick my fingers through the pen and they think it is food (don't feed your rat through the bars to avoid this), whether they are tired and hot they will nip if I approach them too quickly, or if they are on my knees and need to use the toilet they will nip me. The nips are just pressure, they just about ever break the skin.

When you first get your rats, leave them their cage for a afternoon. The next day put your hand within the cage, hold it still and let them come to you. Later on you can start patting them, and consequently you can handle them. They will get more an more settled with you over the subsequent few weeks (always give at least 2weeks to settle in).

Your rat will only bequeath you a big bite if you do something really wrong (like dogs). Just respect their space and what they are trying to tell you and you should be fine.
No it won't hurt, as long as you handle it lots and let it take used to you it will be very friendly.
No, nip doesn't hurt. It's kinda cute actually. :)

However biting does hurt! I have had 18 rats within the past, and only one has ever bit me-- several times, and immediately I have an infection in my hand and enjoy to take antibiotics.

All rat books, websites, and rat owners I have come across say "Rats don't bite!" Well, customarily they don't. I have the exception.
no it doesnt hurt at all
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