Does Petco adopt unwanted animals for adoption?

My sister wants to drop off 14 guinea pigs that she can't/won't take trouble of anymore. She used to work there (for about two weeks) and she says that any Petco store will adopt unwanted pets and place them in their adoption center.

Is this true or BS?

Nothing at all about it on I know they vend guinea pigs. Why would they give them away too?
Your sister sounds really selfish for taking on that many animals and wanting rid of them adjectives, she should be banned from owning animals again. I would take some but im too far away.
don't take them to petco! you may as capably shoot them and eat them.

have you ever heard of adoption services? discuss to the city.

or give them away, put in the classified.

Answers:    they don't give them absent - they accept the animal, monitor it's health for a few days, then adopt it out at a cheaper price than the animals they vend. They do it b/c Petco is very supportive of adopting animals and saving them from going to shelters and possible mortal put to sleep. Petco is very concerned about animal welfare and care, more so than just about profits. I doubt that they will accept 14 guinea pigs, but they may take a few - it depends on if they hold enough space to set them up in.
There's nothing on the website b/c whether they advertised this service, they would be overwhelmed with homeless animals.
NO. they dont except them, i tried. But the more i judge about it, dont give them to petco even if they do bring them. petco neglects animals.
Most PetCo stores will adopt unwanted animals for their adoption center. She should go to the store and speak with a manager BEFORE bringing the animals within, as they may not be able to take more than 3 or 4.

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