Dwarf Hamsters Oily Fur?

I have a dwarf hamster and he is always wet or slimy behing his ears (between his ears and his back) and he likes to roll on his pee is that normal?
Yes, it's normal. Same with my antiquated hamster. Just don't kiss him, and always wash your hands right after you touch him.
It's normal, but not necessarily great for their health-I mean who wants to sit around damp with their own pee (plus there's ammonia too...)? You should get him a small pet sand bath. Basically you pour a bit of this powder/sand into a earthenware "bath," and they roll around in it. It helps occupy oil in their fur. You can find it in the small pet piece with the other hamster stuff. I give mine a bath and his fur is so much softer and nice. =]

Just somewhat side note...are you sure it is just raining, and not matting? When I first got my hamster, I noticed him scratch A LOT, to the point where his back, especially at his shoulders, would look adjectives oily and matted. It turns out he had mites. I took him to the vet and they were competent to treat it. They also sell this generic flea and tick spray for hamsters, but I don't know how well it works...anyways, if the problem persist after giving him a daily bath for a few days, it MIGHT be that (hopefully not though!)

Also, make certain you aren't using pine or cedar bedding. It's terrible for them, and yours may have extra-sensitive skin. If you are using anything with pine or cedar grease or shavings in it, get a different bedding immediately.

Well, sorry to ramble for a bit here, and hopefully your little dude's alright. Just keep an eye on him and go with your intestine... =D
Sure, it's regular.

Try buying him a sand bath to bathe in. He'll roll around and own fun!

Or you can pick up some chinchilla dust bath, and gently rub it on his fur. After that, you would softly wipe off the remaining dust beside a clean, soft towel, or rag of some sort. Just don't get it towards his eyes.

I hope I help ^__^
Answers:    If he has other looked like this, I am betting he is a coat type know as "satin" coat. This genetic difference can take many looks from scarcely noticeable, to a very slick, wet look surrounded by the coat
Ya, it is normal, My dwarf hamster loves to roll contained by his pee. Smells just wonderful! (she said sarcastically) Well the wet or oily is the pee. (just wonderful!) Don't be worried, hamsters are verbs animals and he may just be weird like that... yaha. Happy THX daytime
im a hamster physicanist
well you know how bee's make honey?
other animals make liquid too..
most ov them just leave them after a bit and stop producing it..
however it is known for sum animals including rabbits that they breed sylocene ( a kind of sweet liquid)
d.w everything should be fine!
i had a dwarf hampster. usually they are mean and bite, so i wouldnt know almost yours. mine didnt do any of that abnormal behavior G-luck
I don't think its that normal but to help the slimy fur you might want to get one of those critter bath things. it is like this domestic that has this powder in it that makes it verbs. I got that for my dwarf hamster and he loves it and his fur is really soft now. PS if you capture one of those make sure not to leave it contained by there for more than like 3 days... that way they dont acquire toooo clean and get greasy again. good luck
You might not clean the "Cage" as often as needed, but most animals enjoy rolling contained by pee, it makes them feel secure. Try cleaning his posterior if it gets to bad, but its everyday
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