Foods to fatten a skinny rat?

One of my rats has recently fallen under the weather and although now recovered she is very skinny and we need to backing her put on weight reasonably quickly.
Just considered necessary to know what foods can I feed her to get her to put on weight briskly?
Packeted powdered Baby Porridge, mix small amount with hot water, full of adjectives the vitamins and minerals and will help put the weight on, whilst still being wholesome, don't buy ready brek types must be for babys, you could get a box of baby rice too and receive it with milk.
When my little ones get sick and loses weight, I give them infant food (fruity and sweet ones) if they go off their usual food. It's help many of my rats. It's obviously not a long term solution.

There's also a righteous vitamin supplement that can help with underweight rats, I think it's call PolyAid?

There's some great info on feeding here:
the best diet for any rats would be a grain mixed for durign the day lurcerne chaff,breeders uncontrolled bird mix,dog food and rabbit pallets if u like

and then at darkness u would give them a mixof choped up vegies like pumkin,bbok choy,celery,breed,penne pasta,the list go on ur rat will gain waight and every rat should have this as there diet
try not to give her too much fatty foods but small bits of cheese, meat and nuts are rich in good fat, proteins and oils.
bananna's yes they do work if you obtain him/her to them
Dry pasta and a few sunflower seeds daily (I be determined literally two or three), and hard boiled egg.
my wife gives our rats oats veg. wheat bread a small cup of milk ( you mite won't to distribute your rat a small cup of ensure but not to much)
cooked meat pumpkin seeds cooked potato boiled egg
Answers:    Get some ensure to help build up the vitamins, and it will also help put on some weight. The child food suggestion someone else mentioned is one of the best suggestions. You can also give lil bits of cool whip or whipped cream to build up weightiness - which is especially good when you have a rat losing immensity that doesn't want to eat all the healthy stuff. No rat will turn that stuff up. Sunflower seed are fattening, as are peanuts, or any nut or seed. Some cooked rice and some cooked pasta would be good choices too. You don't want her to put on the weight swift, but rather a lil bit everyday, otherwise you might risk other health problems due to a rapid immensity gain. Also try giving her some pedialyte as she probably got very dehydrated when she be sick and that will replenish some of the electrolytes.

Good luck!

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