Guinea Pig or Rats?? ?

1. Which do you like better?
3. Which are easier to care for?
4.Which are the least expensive?

any other effort websites and thigns would be appreciated.
I own both.
1. I prefer my rats, by far.
2. They are more affectionate, confident and human friendly! (However much you handle the guinea pigs, they are not interested. I had a guinea pig when I was younger, that tolerated individual handled but was rather moved out alone.)
3. Rats. My pigs take too much room. They are difficult to clean out due to the size of the house!
4. Rats again. They don't eat as much as the pigs, and aren't fussy eaters at that. Guinea pigs embezzle a fair amount of cash due to the straw or sawdust or whatever you choose to use. Plus anything else you have/want to buy. Rats are still costly (if you spoil them!) but are far cheaper to diligence for.
This is a personal decision on your part really. Rats are much more high conservation than guinea pigs. They require at least an hour a day of free range time and are much more intelligent so they call for stimulation more. They are also very expensive sometimes. Good cages are pricey and it is very adjectives to have to take them to the vet. If you think you don't own the time, dedication, or financial support to get rats, then get guinea pigs.
I Like Guinea Pig's Better!
1.I similar to guinea pigs!like it says on the top!lol
2.because they are cuddly
3.Guinea pigs are kinda of easier to care for!
4.rat's are most minuscule expensive but if you want something lovable and cuddly and someone that will live also they make good tricks! NOT THAT RATS CANT DO THAT! But they are cuter!
Just for your info Ive had both --4 guinea pigs and 3 rats
2-Their more sociable and energetic. Guinea pigs are laid back and cant explore resembling the rat can. Rats can jump up on your shoulder!
3-Id say the same incentive their very similar. But with a rat you have to construct sure they cant figure out how to escape their cage. Rats are other trying to explore! Plus guinea pigs aren't too shift. Rats can be litter trained!
4-Both are equal. Ive used the same bedding and food for both. The pellets/veggies/ fruit. And the dust free pine chips for bedding.
5-I would go to a library or book store and look at care books
Guinea pigs because they are easier to effort for and they are less money

1) im partial to rats
2) they are smarter and are more busy
3) guinea pigs
4) they cost about the same to keep
It really depends. I have an awsome guinea pig. He can do many tricks. But i have met some folks who think their guinea pig is a dud. Same goes for rats. They both are great pets if you achieve one with a good personality.
1. rats
2. smarter and do tricks. also luv humans
3. I think it's about the same. You dont HAVE to tutor rats tricks :P(you shud teach it to come to its name though :o) boy rats- cuddlier girl rats- adventerous..
4. PROBABLY rats. Im not too sure but guinea pigs want a LOT of space, dont they?
I would say a Guinea Pig because the are cuter and more popular
Guinea pigs because their cuter, more popular, easier to clutch care of.
Answers:    Guinea pigs. Rats. Both. I'll tell how each of them are great and bad.
Guinea pigs are cute, smart, loved to be handle, easy to pet, cuddly ( very much as cuddly as a small dog). Bad things are they can bite and can get rather big they live 5-8 years. a cage for these piggies would be 80-100 bucks and the piggy is 35 dollars usually at a pet store and usually 20-30 at a shelter. normally animals from shelters are much healthier you should go on to see if near are any piggy shelters around.
Rats are highly intelligent, cute (in black and golden are wonderful instead of traditional white!) rats are tame and like humans.
Bad things are they can also bite, they aren't enormously cuddly and they smell very bad. they live about 2-4 years. A coop for them would be 40-60 bucks and they would be 20 dollars at a pet store but could be 10-18 bucks at a shelter so again check out
Guinea Pigs.
They are cute, social and you can teach them to do tricks.
2.) Because they love you, they dont own that nasty tail, you can feed them fruit, fatter wich makes them cuter, and they love you and are devoted 2 u.
3.) Guinea pigs because they dont spray pee on thinng
4.) guinea pigs

turn 2 google and type in guinea pig care and some Jackie website comes up its like the 1st on thats pretty accurate.
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