How can I narrate whether my Female Robo Dwarf Hamster is pregnant? ?

I brought my Female Robo Dwarf Hamster a week after I brought my Male Robo Dwarf Hamster. I brought them around mid-September and it's been a little over 2 months and no babies yet?

How long does it give somebody a lift? What are some signs that she could be pregnant? Is their a possibility that they can't mate because I brought them at different times?

The shopkeeper told me for the female Robo Dwarf that she was an grown already, and so is the male, he's an adult as well.
Answers:    we'll at hand some signs first the female hamster we'll just going to mate if she's contained by heat,then she'll make a big nest and put a food lower than it.and you can find some signs if the hamster is pregnant by it's behavior,it must be very jumpy and unruly and if her face is a shape of pear then she's really prego.and it's stomach is big and similar to a moon if it straightened it's body look if it's stomach is like a hamster very soon is pregnant.and she'll going to deliver on dec.12...
when she is pregnant then she will have a big nest and stoor food there and drink every 2 hours and she will sleep adjectives day i hope i helped =] p.s mine is pregnant right now she is due contained by a week
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