ok so i have 3 bunnies and they stay in the garage. (except one hurt one who stays in the partly bathroom but will return in the garage with in the subsequent week) so its getting colder.. exspecially and night.. and snow is coming soon. A nurse told us to keep the bunnies inside during winter. so im just wondering up to how cold can a bunny be within the garage? like maybe an idea of the amount. --thanks!
I'm not sure of the exact temp.i guess it adjectives depends where you live...i live in PA and have have alot of bunnies and just kept them out side in their hutches...i just put thickclear plastic around the external with alot of straw on the bottom and a warm box with alot of bedding and straw that they can snuggle into...i never have a problem with them staying outside.every once in a while whether i knew there was going to be a really big storm i would put them contained by the garage...

I would think they would be ok in the garage just maintain make sure they have a melt box to get into...i would suggest covering them but i'm afraid they would probably chew at anything that they could get at...

...and whether its freezing make sure you are always checking their dampen so its not always frozen

.they have warm fur...only make sure they have a heat box to get into...
You will find like mijority of animals, they create their own body fry, this will keep them warm. my rabbit lives in a big dog kennel external and we had some pretty cold nights this winter. He lived through it but on the nights that be insanley cold i did bring him inside and he slept next to the heater vent lol

Bigger rabbits create more body heat which is also something to be taken into consideration. So the degree in which they can tolerate varies on their size. But like i said, you will find that most rabbits will maintain themselves warm, they were once wild animals that have to deal with the bare cold so it will be intuition to them.

Bring them inside if you feel it is too cold though.
Rabbits can survive outside as long as they are covered in the South,
but I would be concerned if you are contained by a very cold climate. You should call your veterinarian and ask. They would know.
Bunnies can tolerate the cold well! They have a frozen time in the heat though.

Check their water 2-3 times a daylight, and make sure it's "warm" and not a solid chunk of ice, and they should adjectives be fine. I've had plenty of rabbits, all housed outside. They come inside for play time, but do purely fine outdoors.
Answers:    Bunnies should be at a comfortable temperature, basically what you feel is comfortable, around 65 or so degree,
" Rabbits should be kept in the coolest and least humid area of the house. Studies enjoy shown that bunnies kept in warm, humid environments with poor nouns circulation show a dramatic increase in the incidence of respiratory disease. Damp basements are one of the worst areas to keep your pet. If your rabbit must be kept in a subterranean vault, invest in a dehumidifier and a fan to keep out wetness and improve air circulation.

The optimum temperature for a rabbit is 60 - 70 degree F. If temperatures reach the upper 80's and beyond, especially is humidity is giant, the potential for a fatal heat stroke is very actual. On very hot days, if air conditioning is not available, start out a plastic milk jug with frozen water contained by the cage. This will help keep the body heat down.

If your rabbit is being kept outdoors in either heat or cold weather, make sure that part of the pen is sheltered from the wind and sun. For the winter, it is advisable to use straw bedding in the sheltered area for insulation. Make certain the water bowl is changed daily as your bunny can dehydrate rapidly whether the water is frozen."
Hope I helped! :)

watch out that it doesnt acquire too hot in there it can die it happened to me
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