How much does it cost for a pet mouse?

i would like a pet mouse and would like to no how much it costs for the mouse and cage, and the cost per week for food and bedding and stuff similar to that?
(uk only plz)
They're free! Stick a mouse trap down outside and hey presto, a pet mouse!
well you can attain mice at super pets for 2.00 to 16.00 and a cage is about 16.00$ But feed is really cheap. i Have two mice Dreamer, Lightning plz answers my press on horses if you no it. And plz find my question interesting i Will find urs interesting
Answers:    Hey, I have two mice -they were lb2 respectively
Mice are only about lb3 in most pet stores and you can procure really good and cheap cages from Wilkos for about lb15-lb20.
Food is also really cheap from Wilkos-about lb1.59 beside large bedding- large shavings lb1.99 and nesting aroun lb1.00
So looking after mice is really cheap.
I'd suggest getting two feminine mice as both sexes will breed rapidly!! But the babies (pinkies) are so cute!
Hope I helped!! :)

DEpending on the size of the mouse anything from lb250 ----- lb500 a week + vet bills.
you could probably get a shut within for around lb30. i once saw pet mice in a pet shop that were only 50p respectively, but that was years ago, they may be more now. food probably around lb2, bedding about lb2 or smaller amount.
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