How to stop my mice from biting me?

How to stop my mice from biting me?
I have 4 female mice all below 3 months old. I recently bought them nd I have be handfeeding them ever since. They crawl around my hand and smell me too.Sometimes even let me pick them up sometimes. But for some reason they keep hold of nibbling on my fingers. I have washed them thoroughly and even used germ x to obtain all the food smells off but they keep nibble my fingers. Any Ideas to make them stop..Thanks!
I had duplicate thing happen to me, it is unusual, but whether you own one, or go out and get one, a bottle that you squeeze and mist comes out, fill it beside water, and whenever they start to nibble, take the bottlee, that should stay close by the cage at all times, and squirt them, it may sound throaty, but if they catch on and stop nibbling, you can nurture them a treat as a reward.
Actually, that's unusual for pet mice.They're not mostly biters.

I suggest using the positive-negitive consequence method:

Socialize with your mice one-on-one, use a cup to pick up the first mouse. Bring the mouse into an area she cant escape from, and allow her to explore. Have some treats on mitt, too. Now try picking up the mouse. If she bites you, gently scruff her (if youre not comfortable doing this, try a light nose-tap, with a sharp command such as NO or HEY). If she allows you to pick her up, compliment her alot and give her treats. She will soon bond to you and learn not to nip.

Good luck!
You don't want bit by your rodents you go and get a rat, otherwise, you are just going to have to deal next to it. Are you sure they are "biting" or are they grooming you?
Well, I have a gerbil im exspirencing the same thing. But the instrument I resloved it is by spending more time with them. Not necisarily holding them make a little play nouns for them (not theri cage) because they might feel trapped. My gerbil has a playarea and he loves it, so basicly spend more time with your mice.
Answers:    bitter apple keep it on you hands when handling them. they will bite the first few times but will revise. if you bite your nails it will stop that too.
I suggest you stop hand feed them. They are confused. They think your hand is part of the food.
They nouns like pretty nice mice. Take them out one at a time and handle them. It generally take me 20 minutes to socialize a mouse so that it can be handled easily. Unless the mouse has a unpromising temperament, it will soon get used to being handled.and wallow in it.
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