I feed my rats saltines?

Ok. I fed my rats a piece of saltine crackers and i was wandering if that be ok for them. I know that when they lived in the wild they were competent to eat anything so R SALTINES OK FOR RATS TO EAT?

ps. they r acting normal
Try not to administer them often because of the high salt content.

No rats surrounded by the wild cannot eat just anything. If they could munch through anything we'd have rats up to our knees because eating something that kills them is one of the things that help keep their population down.
"Give plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables along with an excellent quality food formulated for rats. Here are some fruit and vegetable suggestions plus a enumerate of foods to avoid:
It's ok to give:
fruit: apples, cherries, grapes, banana, strawberries, other berries, melons, plums.
vegetables: broccoli, potatoes, peas, carrot, cooked sweet potato, kale, parsley, bok choy, squash.
cooked liver, other very lean meats (cooked)
unbroken wheat pasta and bread
cooked beans (including soya)
yogurt (especially with live cultures)
brown rice
unsweetened breakfast cereals
small dog biscuits
some leftovers from your meal are okay in moderation, but avoid fatty or sugary scraps and items off the chronicle below.
special treats (given only occasionally): whole nuts in the shell (almonds, brazin nuts, walnuts), sunflower seed (high in fat), carob chips
chocolate (although I do give the odd single chocolate chip every in a minute and then and they love it)
raw beans
raw sweet potato
cabbage, brussel sprouts
green potatoes
sweet sugary treats, any other "unwanted items food"
caffeinated beverages
carbonated drinks
One of our rat lovers was told by a science teacher that baby spinach should solitary be given in moderation because it contains a high concentration of silicon which can cause intestinal irritation. We haven't be able to verify this information yet but thought we'd post it just contained by case it's true. If you happen to come across any information online that verifies this, please agree to us know."

I know that is way more hten you asked for but it might come in handy some time.
They are going to be simply fine as long as that is not the only food you give them because rats call for nutrition and they do not need a high blood pressure(the salt). You can buy nutritiously fortified rat food at almost any pet store.
I love rats!!

Its okay once in a while but not all the time as a buffet. I feed my rats crackers or pieces of bread once in a while. My rats love weat-thins! But its better to give them fresh fruits and veggies as snacks instead of saltines or other processed food.
I nurture my rat them every now and then, i try to give her the ones next to no salt on them, buts she likes them both the same.
saltines are ok for you to dispense to your rats as a treat. The extra salt isnt necessarily good for them so you could try giving them the unsalted ones.
Answers:    i mix things like gold ingots fish, ghordettos (chex mix), dried fruit, pretzels, and Sam's club has a pub mix thet is really good in a plastic container near my rats food also I buy bulk parrot food and mix it in too because it has dried fruit and peanuts surrounded by the shell in it. small dog biscuits or if you shop at petco they have the dog treat pub and i get the animal cookies for them once in a while mix it with their regular diet to stretch out the food LOL. i ahve never hear about the spinach but I have fed mine once contained by a great while. they love bananas and carrots as well and OMG they go crazy over fresh corn on the cob. tortia chips and other chips when i furnish them to them which isn't often. Shredded wheat tooo
saltienes are so yummie!!
are they comatose now? if they arent dead i bet its safe and sound to assume its not a deadly food for them.
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