Is my hamster unconscious or hibernate ?

well he is not moving since at least 3 pm and he is stiff but i cant bring my self to touch him my sister has moved him but near gloves so she cant feel his body Temperature so is he hibernating or dead

oh and dose any one know Any poems for unmoving hamsters for his funeral
If he's stiff he's probably dead.

If he is stiff then rigamortis has set contained by and he's dead, however if he is rolled up in a globe and his eyes are closed then he may be hibernating. Pick him up and cup him in your hand, the warmth should bring him round if not gently breath on him, using thaw breath, don't blow, if not he is dead.

When hamsters die, even if within the nest they tend to relax and lay out a little with their eyes closed or slightly open but never fully start on.

As regards to poems, I have no idea, a moment ago say something nice and buy another one!
Answers:    I found a site about hamsters and hibernation which said:

"Many people remark that on first peep, the hamster appears dead. Looking closely, you will notice that it is still breathing, though not very strongly. The hamster will be immensely limp, as opposed to the stiffness that occurs soon after departure. It will also be very cold to the touch. Check feet and noses and ears- places beside less fur- and they will be quite icy"

As your hamster is stiff, it looks like he may fatefully be dead.
Your hamster will only hibernate if the warmth has dropped very low in the room he is contained by. Try moving him to a very warm room and see if he wake up, if not then he has passed absent. It can also depend on the hamster's age, anything over 18 months can be considered old in hammy terms.

Sorry whether the outcome isn't a good one.
if you look very greatly closely a hibernating hamster will be breathing, very shallowly. If you turn the heat up to room heat about 70 degrees, it will come out of room temperature. If his room is already room warmth or close to it, he's dead.

Hamsters only hibernate when it gets to 40 degree, and only syrian hamsters hibernate. They are a desert animal, dwarf hamsters are from siberia and are used to the cold.
I am sorry my friend, I do believe that your hamster has passed on... I do not know any hamster poems. May your little friend rest in peace, may I propose at his funeral bury him in a nice little box, with some of his bedding, and a few of his favorite treats? make it look similar to the nest he was in, that is what I did next to mine.
Try and check for a pulse, even though I know you don't want to touch him. Also, check the position he is in, is he spread out on his side, because if so he might be comatose. If he is curled up in a ball, then he is most credible sleeping and hibernating. Though, I do suggest you also keep it reheat where the little guy is. Try tapping him or the cage. Good luck, and please detail me if he is alive. I hope he is alright!

it does look like ur hamster is deceased i am really sorry but it is possible that ur hamster may just me hibernating if it is really cold (the hamster that is) the hamster will hibernate whether it is cold good luck but you will have to touch it to see if it is departed!
good luck all the best

step on him again to make sure
I'm sorry to say, but I devise your hamster has passed on. my lil' Speedy was stiff and didn't move for days. And i finally knew he have died. But for your I think your lil hammie has passed.

Sorry for the loss.
If he is no longer breathing I may fear for the worst.

I am sorry to hear of your loss.
One road, you will know if its dead, its body gone all intricate
Hey am really sorry. The same thing i happen with my hamster. I was really sad because i come home from school and i saw it just lay there. I was so freaked out. Thaen i touched it and it was adjectives hard. So i told my mom she checked it out and it was dead. So i am sorry your hamster is departed i send my regards. :(
leave him if he starts to smell fruitless he's dead awwwwwwwwwwwwww
I have had two hamsters in olden times 4 years (Dwyte and Hamlet) anyways ... I think your hamster is dead. They die all the time. I mull over God only created them as food for meat eating predators and as short lived pets. If you can roll him around gently next to a stick and he is still "frozen" then sadly, I am hate to right to be heard that he is dead.

Hope I helped ~ Jeff
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