My fancy rat Pubesy "mr. P" is Four years feeble in a minute how do u transmit whether a rat is sick or old-fashioned and arranged to die?

Lately he has been getting coarser fur and eating a moment or two less...he eats yogurt drops and sometimes i feel him cookies and he loves fish...he is verbs and happy and he has a large shut within, and an igloo house...we are very close...but i have noticed over the later few months that he has been acting old similar to people do...slower eats less fur is not what it used to be and he climbs smaller number than he did when he was younger... a last night i discovered him near his teeth resting on the bars breathing heavily i guess you would say and there is a "crunchy" type thud when he breaths..i wonder if he has a respiratory infection or if he is only getting ready to go...I dont know if taking him to the vet would put to much stress on him and do him to go out scared? Or if near is some hope of saving him? and if so would he have a relaxed exsitance or would he of wished he went on? I dont know what to do...i just sit there holding his hand and crying...i really dont want to lose him but i dont want my selfishness to inflict him to stay here when he isnt supposed to...i took one of my guinea pigs to the vet they gave her shots and antibiotics that i had to force in her mouth and she died 2 days subsequently..and i felt like maybe that final few days was torture maybe sh ewould of rather sit with me and torn i dont know what to do...please someone talk to me something like this.PLEASE .SOON
I would frist hold to say thanks for the time since most rats don't live past the two year indicate let alone 4. Be thankful and happy. Mine otis or oddi roamed the house and lived to the ripe outmoded age of 4 1/2. that is old for a rad...sorry. Cookies are deadly to rats since sweets and sugarsinstantly pass them surgar. STOP feeding him sweets. This will kill him quick. Nothing near sugar should ever be given to rats for any reaon. Chances are if his was a common place, it is his liver shuttting down. Also what be the reason for the guini's to go to the vet? Rarely if ever do they want to go. If you are suspecting something it is more than likely wrong. let it be. Vets will other over react (Sorry hubby vet and does the same) and over treats (I get mad) Let them be. Don't get soo upset. these are pets and I know yu love them however the are not approaching daughters and sons. Realize that first, get another to get over it yu wlll be fine.
I had pet rats too. One live for about 3 1/2 years. Didn't even spot anything wrong with him, until I found him dead in the round up. The other I had to put sleep, she had a tumor. Most rats live to be about 2-3 years, some on copy about 7. I guess it all depends on the rat and what kind of breed.

Me, whether I had the money I would take it to a vet that specialized in rodents. BUT that may be costly. Call your local vet and ask. Then wish on what you want to do. Your rat just may have a cold, but then I really don't know. After chitchat to your vet and finding out what your options are, If you really think he's dying spend as much time as you can with him. Take lots of pictures. Talk to him. Play near him if he's in the mood. Take him out of the cage and consent to him crawl all over you. Mine loved that, love to sleep right in the middle of my breast when I was wearing a walk briskly bra (go figure). (My boyfriend sometimes wished he was a rat) =).

I wish you luck.
Answers:    Mr. P. is so lucky to have you as a guardian. Four years is quite an advanced age for a rat & you've obviously be very good to him.
It does sound as whether he's not going to be with you much longer but his quality of life is ok as long as he's intake, grooming & doesn't suddenly act afraid or aggresive.
Our older rats usually start to slow down during their second few months with us-- sleeping more often & more deeply, not playing, grooming or drinking as much as they used to. We've never been blessed with one who reached 4 years, and I'd love to know what you nurture Mr. P.
The sounds he makes while breathing could be a respiratory infection, or simply age. Antibiotics *might* give him a bit more time, but not necessarilly & if he's not comfortable travelling or self handled by strangers you might want not want to stress him with a vet visit.
Keep him as ecstatic and comfortable as possible and cherish your time with him. No matter how long our loved ones are with us, it's never long adequate. Take care.
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