My gerbils eye, red gunk?

I noticed a few days ago that one of my gerbils eyes is smaller than the other and he doesn't open it much. He gets red gunky stuff coming out of it approaching sleep which sticks his eye together and i have to wash it and re-open his eye again
His eye is not swollen or anything like that he a moment ago doesn't seem to open it as much as the other one and it looks less "alive" whether you know what i mean by that..
Any ideas?
eewwww! maybe an infection though, try to get some "gerbil antibiotic" cream or something.
it might be pink eye or bloddy eye is where on earth your pet hurts its eye and will not open it until it is fixed,but if it is coming out of his eye you should take him to the vet imediently that mechanism he might have popped the barrier around his eye to keep adjectives the stuff in his eye in his eye and he might of poppes that and that is why most likley my dad is a vet i am simply 12
might be an infection

Well, my best advice is that it might be infected, but it might be usual, no it cant be well good luck!
Answers:    I saw on a web site that their tears are red and that you lately gently wash it off beside a towel dampened with warm water
ewwwwwwwwwwwwww definitely an infection
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