My hamster have a swollen eye and have it close where on earth you can't see it eye and we enjoy no money to run to the vet?

plus how can we take care of it when its my sisters pet that i got for her birthday present create she 10 years old and i don't want to see it die

If you're using pine or cedar bedding TAKE IT OUT OF THE CAGE...NOW! That can shoot a hamster and make it get swollen eyes so make certain you use eco-bedding or aspen or carefresh. And before you get a pet please make certain you have a plan for when its sick and save up a hamster fund or something for emergencies and for when you enjoy to take it to a vet. I'm so sorry! I hope your hamster is going to be ok! Psst, don't follow the pet store peoples advice. THEY ARE EVIL. Good luck!
No need for vet. happens adjectives the time.

First, if you're using any type of wood shavings, switch to anything but wood ships. It has bad dust particle that aggravates eyes, feet, and the respiratory system. Carefresh is a great hamster bedding.

Next, your hamster's eye is either injured, or very aggravated. overrun your sink up with luke warm water around 2 inches. use no soap. wash your hamster, gently washing the eye nouns.

Make sure you dry the hamster off quite okay. It's cold out this time of year.

Then I'd leave him alone for about 2 days. Just check on him, make certain he has food and water and occasionally stick your hand surrounded by his cage so he knows he's not abandoned.

I hold this sort of thing all the time, so this should work.
Answers:    I understand you are probably worried i had a rabbit that died from cancer and i remember it have the same thing but in its stomach. Now you are probably not going to close to what i have to say but if you can't afford to compensate for it you shouldn't have bought it. Plus if your sister can't look after the hamster then she shouldn't hold had one unless you were prepared to be the main carer, a short time ago because they are small it doesn't mean they are less work. I was 12 when i have my rabbit and the thing was a bumming pain, whether anything my dog is a lot easier which sounds strange but i suppose i have more time for her plus she is inside. But you should make certain the bedding is clean fresh water and food but it really should be seen by a vet other knowledgeable it could have something very painful and grounds it to die! better to be safe than sorry
It's ok. Just give it fresh food and water everyday and gross sure to clean its cage once every week. As long as the hamster is not surrounded by pain, you shouldn't need to go to the vet. Just put an rime pack (I know it sounds funny, but it works) on its eye for about 5 minutes 3 times a day and it should stop swelling. Hope your hamster feels better :)
An eye that swollen needs to be see by a vet. It may be a minor problem that can be easily solved but if you leave it it could find much worse, the hamster could be in a lot of pain and you could stop up with an even bigger vets bill and a dead hamster at the ending. If you were not willing to pay for adjectives the hamsters care, including vets bills, then you should not own got it in the first place but there are organisations similar to the PDSA that will treat pets from people in genuine financial hard times. To leave it as it is would be cruelty.
If you haven't got money to call on a vet you shouldn't have bought the hamster.

Sorry but thats how it is.

It sounds like the wood shavings that are causing the problem. Try shifting the brand.
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