My Hamster is bleeding? I don't know what to do.?

My hamster is bleeding out of her bottom. I don't know how long it's been happening, although if i reckon about it she's been acting strange all week. She moved adjectives her bedding. And i hate to say it but she's acting exactly matching way my previous hamster did before she died of unknown cause. What should i do? It's everywhere and i can't find my hamster book anywhere.

If any vets are out there please help me, i don't want my hamster to die.
It might be worth giving your local vets a give the name now anyway. At my local vet an assistant has to stay during the hours of darkness to care for the animals that have to stay for a few days/overnight. I had to call upon them once at about 9pm and the assistant contacted the vet and he met us there.

my hamster did this, after started bleeding out of his mouth and nose too. its because he fell when he was climbing up his cage :(

it sounds approaching it could die soon, and if its bleeding its probably in pain too :( thieve him to the vets ASAP i you can
or justs make it as comfortable as possible
Answers:    have she been around a male to get pregnant she may hold been pregnant.babies may be inside her. does she climb alot their prone to falling they climb on anything.idk take her to vet and see . i wish the best for her .
Try looking on google or something, I am not a vet so I can not help but take your hamster to the vet tomorrow. They are small animals and only have a short life so in that is probably not a lot a vet can do :( make sure your hamster have plenty of food and water for the night
It might be a tumer, I'm seriously sorry I luv hamsters as much as u do!! =]
not a good sign ...
hold it to a vet ...the bill will be higher than the hamster
if you are willing to money that to keep it alive then take it a vet

Throw it in the bin (jk)

If you spot any bleeding from the viginal spot of your hamster (especially it have a mating with a male hamster previously), next you might seriously consider bring her to a vet for close check up (could be unborn babies die in the womb, or infection set in).
go to an actual vet where on earth she can be examined. if its past opening hours find an emergency vet contained by ur yellow pages!
good luck xxx
Bad sign.

transport her to the vets before she gets contained by more discomfort.

Good Luck and try and be quick geting there.

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