My Rat Had Babies...HELP PLEASE! what do I do??

We bought a female rat a few weeks ago, no male rats. It has be alone in its cage, no other rats have be around...we came home and there be 13 babies in the cage.

ok, great. Now what?

Do we need to grill the cage?
How long until we can separate them?
How big will they be at 5 weeks?
how much do they eat?


So long as the mother have made a good nest with pleanty of bedding, you wont need to roast the cage.they begin to age at 4-5 weeks, after 4 weeks of age, watch them for a while closer to see how much they are suckling on her, if its not much you can take them away next...when they reach 5 weeks, seperate males from females so you don't get 5 weeks they will be about the size of a full grown mouse...and freshly give them unlimited food and fill the bowl up every day


ADD: Don't provide them to a pet shop when you want to sell them because they will more than likely use them for snake food :(
babies! =] my rats had babies many a time there is zilch special you really need to do .
you dont have to heat the enclose. just leave them and her alone until they are walking around with their eyes open out. you can separate them about a week after that, although a lonely rat is not a good idea. rats are enormously social animals and its sad that you would want only one in the pen =/ maybe you should keep just one other womanly with her? i always had my rats within groups of 5-20
a petshop will take the babies you cant care for, but they will probably go to someone as snake food so whether you are an animal lover and dont want to see that happen then i would suggest a moment cage and keep the males and females separate.
babies dont eat seriously but make sure you always own fresh water and you clean out the bowl or bottle completely with a duster and everything once or twice a week-algea can grow and its not very pleasant. rats like all kind of food so dont limit them to bag food. veggies, bread, meat, fruit, cereal, they love it all.
Answers:    She be probably impregnated at the pet store.
Do we need to heat the pen?

It's not necessary, but make sure the room isn't to cold.

How long until we can separate them?

Once they turn five weeks matured the can be separated from mom. Make sure males and females are separated to at this time.

How big will they be at 5 weeks?

About the size of an adult mouse or a bit bigger.

how much do they eat?

They won't start trying solid foods until they are in the order of 2-3 weeks. You can try giving them this mix when they're that age. Mom will teach them how to eat it:
"During lactation extras can include a small amount of dried quality kibble added to her regular food mix or you can proffer her a kitten milk replacer (KMR) step 2 mixture. Make this by taking a heaping teaspoon of the powder mixed with warm hose down, cream of wheat cereal and rice cereal for infants, this should be a thin gruel. This mix is also great for the babies once the open their eyes. Thick oatmeal or rolled barley make glib to eat first solid foods for babies."
Make sure that the momma rat has lots of newspaper towels for a nest and that the babies have white bands around their tummies (milk bands). Here is a website that can give you lots of comfort:
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