My rat is escaping ... ?

I have a rat and he is about 6 months old in a minute. Sometimes i don't let him out for a few days and then he gets out of his shut within. Is this because he gets bored, or heys just figured how to grasp out? Oh and one more thing... can i train him to stop PEEING everywhere?
get him a friend please ----same same sex of course unless you want thousands (not joking) rats pee when they are frightened so be gentle---bribery is good love chicken bones no rough handling and strangers are upsetting mine peed on my brother who went home and willingly have a bath---my step mother's comment that she could smell a rat had us in tears-----my brother has not be known to willingly take a tub ! Rattie never pees or poops on me or in my bed so they do learn. May help to hold small sand box with some poop in it or his friend may be cleaner and teach him some manners ! When mine be 6 months old he used to get out and squeak inviting all challenger but then he got beaten up and lost some toes so no more challenge but has got over the worst of it and beginning to lord it again. He comes dashing for my relief if anyone threatens him but you do need to amuse him at least once a year -----feed too and get him some company as they are social creatures.Mine won't play fight with me but his friend does even bites but ever so calm.
Rats need day after day exercise and also should not be solo. Read up on rat care please as you obviously haven't. Most rats will pee a lot to inscribe their territory you have to put up with it.

Is the hold big enough rats need a good traffic of floor space (the floor must not be wire it has to be solid, either plastic or plexi glass) and elevation so that levels or ropes can be attatched. I went through three cages until that time I found the perfect one. It's a large Guinea pig cage near a lot of floor space and some height with three doors and diminish bars. Most rat or guinea pig cages are usually escape proof so I am surprised he can attain out. Does he get out a door or through the bars? If it's the bars they are too yawning and if its the door then you can purchase a special clip for bird cages to be exact difficult to open.

If you get a buddy for the rat, you have to introduce them slowly from seperate cage, taking them out and putting them on your bed on in a small room, they might fight or be nervous around respectively other to begin with, if they row seperate them, but take them out again another time. Each time they will gradually get increasingly used to one another and if you use treats and make it fun they will grow to like one another. At this point you can put both contained by the same cage.

YOu don't HAVE to get your rat a friend but whether you don't you should really be taking him out every day for about an hour. It doesnt have to be unyielding work, just sitting watching tv with him on your lap, letting him run around contained by a small rat proofed room,and/or have him ride round on your shoulder while you do something is enough. It's important that he get the stimulation or he'll get bored and lonely.
Answers:    Okay, rats first of all, inevitability a buddy- it is likely he would stop escaping so much is he wasn't lonely. It is also so much better for them emotionally and mentally to have a friend- after all, (as you say) you solely let him out every three days or so. Rats only live for (on average) three years. That is a lot of time to enjoy minimal/no contact.

What size are your cage bars and your cage? Perhaps you should any look at getting a cage with smaller bar spacing or cover it near wire mesh. This will stop him getting out- you can attach the wire with cable ties.
Being six months however he shouldn't procure much bigger size wise. It would be a good idea to look at another shut within. It is unlikely that, even should you get him a friend, that he will stop getting out as rats do love to explore.

Male rats (and some dominant females) will scent mark. There isn't really anything that you can do about it.

Do you use litter within the base of the pan? Depending on where surrounded by the world you are depends a lot on the type of litter available. I find that my girls cope well in a hulking cage (93.5cm in length x 63.5 wide x 80cm high) beside fabric liners and hammocks as well as litter trays.

In my litter trays I own a recycled paper pellet litter in it. Paper based litter is best- I hold found it keeps the odor down a lot. There is a product on the market call nil-odor which may help with the rat smell as well- a cotton bud with it on it fundamental (not in) the cage works wonders.

Shredded paper I have found stinks up to some extent quickly as does wood shavings (as well as being unhygienic for them some wood shavings have a chemical in them which is toxic to rats.

rats need to always have things to do. does he enjoy someone to play with if not then grasp him a buddy and a better cage that he can't escape from. rats naturally pee everywhere so you can't stop that. that is how they splotch their territory. you need to take him out more commonly too.
Sit and watch him and figure out how he's getting out...rats are totally bold and will often escape right in front of you.

I suggest you also try getting him a companion. He is elder now so it might be difficult to introduce another male, but if you acquire a spayed female they should get along. Unless you're spending every waking hour beside your rat, he isnt getting enough social interaction, even then he needs a rat buddy to gossip to, I'm afraid.
he is broead and u should play wiht him every day and he should always have somtimg to do within his cage and no u cant he is markign his territory
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