My rat's stool is green, is that in shape?

is there something wrong with my rat? is there anything i can do to prevent it? is at hand anything i can do to stop it?

if you have anything else to add, please do.
cut down on veg answer mine;...
It's likely do to an overdose of veggies. Remember this.
-only 20% of a rats' diet should be veggies
-iceberg lettuce is bad (romaine is fine)
-avocado is fruitless
-there is a good chance your rat is sick, take him/her to the vet.

A rat consumption low quality food like Kaytee will have obscurity brown turds. Kaytee is terrible, it is filled with crap and cause health problems. A rat eating high power food like Harlan Tekland will have tan turds, that come out of the anus rugged. Oxbow Regal Rat is also a good brand. The wetter the turds, the worse the diets, but it is very important that their diet is 1/5 fruits and veggies.

Also, you really ought to hold 2 rats they're social creatures.

Less watery fruits and veggies ought to do it.
that happens to my rats when they have too many veggies. try feed them more fruits for a while, like strawberries, apples, bananas (not green!), and blueberrries. you can still feed them veggies (and you should), just cut down on the amount. hope i help!
Rats' stool changes color depending on what they are eating. A little green stool here and there is common, and usually results from eating something blue or green. As long as your rat is acting normal otherwise, ingestion, drinking, and not losing weight or having diarrhea he's probably just fine, basically keep an eye on his stool and if it doesn't change support to normal within a few days you may want to take him to a vet. If he shows any other symptoms out of the routine you should definitely take him to a vet. I hope he feels better soon, appropriate luck!
if you been giving him lots mof fruits and veggies cut down on the amont... HOPE I HELPED!
Answers:    If the stool is solid and not diarrhea? What own you been feeding him?

Colored pellets and treats will tuning the color of the stool. Too many green foods (and/or certain fruits and veggies) would do it too.

Is he acting normal, resembling he usually does, or lethargic and sick? If he's lethargic and sick because he have diarrhea, he needs help - a probiotic, such as a lil bit of yogurt helps a bit, and a lil bit of pedialyte would also facilitate him from getting dehydrated and replenishing his electrolytes, but also a change in diet would be required.

Without knowing more, I can't afford you a definite answer to your problem.

Anyone own any warning on raise teen mannish rats?   I want to buy a masculine guinea pig?   My sister might be giving her pet rat absent. but i dont want her to, what do i do?   Trying to restraint rats food intake for training purposes, but I'm not certain how to do it?