One of my rats have red 'scabs' adjectives over his body?

I have 3 rats and one of them has tiny-ish red scabs all over his body. I enjoy no idea what they are. The other 2 don't have them. Can anyone say on what it is? should I pocket him to the vet?
Rat Illnesses:

Rats are like any other living mortal, they can get sick.
Rats can get injured such as a torn toenail, tail injury, broken or sprained bones or even deep bite wounds.
Rats are prone to respiratory infections and may necessitate medication to aid in breathing and recovery.
It is very historic to be aware that at some point in your rats life they may need Veterinary medical treatment -you must be liable to make a commitment to giving your rat appropriate care.
If you are unwilling or unable to recompense Vet bills if the occasion arises -please think over your edict of having a pet very carefully, you might consider waiting to acquire a pet until you can afford it.

Rat thoroughness tips:

# A rats nose is supposed to be dry, if your rat has a showery nose it could be a sign of some sort of respiratory infection.
# A lot of Store bought bedding's contain a large amount of dust and can cause your rat to enjoy respiratory problems. Use a bedding with as little dust as possible. Straining your bedding through a strainer can help eliminate some of the dust.
# A lot of store bought food and bedding on affair can contain moths, mites, or other small bugs. To ensure there are no live bugs that will infest your rats, examine each and every food & litter package since purchasing it.
You can also Freeze or microwave your rat food and bedding to help kill the bugs. (Beware of microwaving some foods and bedding as certain ones hold been known on occasion to lock in fire.)
*I recommend not using store bought bedding materials, Even ones that say they are dust free, contain dust, especially when they get down to the bottom of the packages. I recommend using shredded tabloid and blankets.
# Cigarette (Tobacco) smoke around your rats (Or pets in general) can increase the likelihood of your rats having Respiratory problems. Especially Do Not smoke around your rats whether they already have Respiratory problems, it can prohibit or extend the rats recovery time. The best thing to do whether their is a smoker in the house is to:
Have the room where the rats are housed, a dedicated "Rat room" where on earth smoking is not allowed.
Or have one room dedicated to smoking, and no rats are allowed contained by that area.

Rat eyes/Porphyrin:

Rats eyes and noses release a red mucus from them.
This Red discharge can come from the rats eyes or nose.
It is call Porphyrin, it is not blood.
It looks a light reddish color, while blood is a dark red color.
It is produced surrounded by the Porphyries glands behind the rat's eyes.
Overproduction of this discharge can be caused by stress or illness.
Porphyrin discharge can be increased whether your rat has breathing trouble, pneumonia or Mycoplasma.
Some rats never have a problem with red discharge, and some rats may own it their whole lives.
If you notice your rat has red discharge from its eyes or proboscis, wash the rats eyes/face with warm river.
Be sure to trim your rats nails frequently, their nails can grow to long and consequently when cleaning themselves they can scratch their eyes, which can cause their eyes to get irritated and create more discharge, and cause it hard for the rat to see.
It is also possible that your rat could get dirt, dust, fur, eyelashes or whiskers into their eyes causing irritation and the Porphyrin to discharge.

Eye trouble/Cataracts:

Cataracts is normally noticed as a white film or area over the center of the eye globe.
Cataracts can be caused by a small scratch to the eye or from old age.
Most of the time treatment is not necessasary as the rat can live newly fine with it.
But if the rats becomes bothered or seem to be irritated by the eye you will need to take them to the Vet. Eye ointment or enucleation surgery may be needed.

Eye trouble/Enucleation:

For Some aim rat's tend to be more prone to eye injuries than other small animals.
On occasion a rat's eye can get dirt or bedding stuck inside underneath the eyelid. This can cause the rat's eye to swell or catch irritated. If you notice something wrong with the ratties eye, try to get a accurate look inside to see if you see any debris. You can remove debris by holding the rat's eye below warm running water and massaging delicately. Covering the eye with warm tea bags can oblige reduce swelling.
If a rat's eye gets scratched or punctured, the eyeball can swell and protude the eye out of the socket. On occasion the eye can become indifferent and fall out.
If the eye is damaged and has fall out you will need to bring the rattie into the Vet to have an Enucleation. Enucleation is where they remove the rest of what remains of the eye and stitch the eye nouns closed.
A rat can live with one eye quite well, contained by some cases it may take a few days to get used to everything, but in a great deal of instances the eye was so damaged before surgey they have very little if any vision out of the eye already, so they already enjoy had time to learn to be one eyed.
If possible for Enucleation surgery ask the Vet to stitch the eye area from the inside and to
He could be sick or injured or just might be fleas

Answers:    Simply put, it's likely to be lice, mites, or allergies. The first two are more likely, but make certain you have not changed any sort of laundry detergent or started using any new perfumes/colognes/air fresheners in the house to rule out allergies. Also brand name sure that your rats are not on any sort of softwood bedding (pine, cedar, spruce, fir, hemlock) as this is very dangerous for your rat's skin and respiratory systems.

Take him contained by to the vet and have him looked at. If it is mites or lice, you can ask for Kitten Revolution, and post on for dosage if the vet doesn't tell you. Ivermectin works impressively well for mites/lice, and the people over at bruxnboggle can give you proper dosage for this as all right if your vet says it is in certainty caused by mites/lice.

If it is mites/lice you will have to medicate him and his cagemates, change adjectives bedding, clean out cage with a diluted bleach solution, and vacuum the room where on earth the cage is. You cannot get rat mites/lice as a human.

Make sure that you freeze adjectives paper based (carefresh, yesterdays news, mewsprint, etc) or wood base (aspen is the only "woodchip" product that is safe for rats) bedding surrounded by the freezer for at least 48 hours before using -- bedding can very effortlessly carry mites and lice that can be transferred to your rats.
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