Should I seize a girl or boy guinea pig?

Which one has a better personality?
Which one stinks more?
And why else should i get that femininity?
I have a girl guinea pig. looking for a friend for her... you're supposed to get 2 at one time... however, ours used to have a friend, but she died, so very soon shes all alone... but as far as personality... i believe males tend to be more aggressive... stinks... not sure.. i know that we own to clean our pigs cage about every 2 weeks... I do deliberate that each pig has their own personality... and maintain in mind that when you take that pig domestic, they probably wont act exactly the same, because they wont own all of their friends with you. but you definitely call for to get 2. Guinea pigs are extremely social animals, while our piggy hasn't hasnt opened up to us, she was stirring when her friend was with her.
good luck!
Female and male guinea pigs are the same to me. I hold owned male guinea pigs and I work with female guinea pigs and the simply thing I found different was that the males enjoy mounting respectively other and they also urinate more often.

Females are a little bit more most animals but they are still greatly sweet and friendly.

I would go with a male guinea pig. Just hold on to in mind that sometimes two male guinea pigs can bully respectively other if they were not raised together. 98% of the time they grasp along just fine.
Answers:    It doesn't matter what gender you get. When you be in motion to the pet shop or where ever you are going to get it. You should look to see if it's strong, friendly, if you can pick it up without it fighting you, and whether you like it. They all have different personality you can't gender base it. Also every animals has different on stink level and if you change the cage satisfactory it shouldn't be as bad.
boy pros:
Louder (if you like that)
More energetic
Like to play

girl pros:
quieter (if you similar to that)
don't tend to want to run away

boy cons:
Louder (if you don't like that )
they obligation cage cleaned more
cuz they mark

Girl cons:
Quieter (if you don't like that)
pickier near food
It should up to u wheter u choose boy or female
acquire babies...
both stink - well be honest, they do if you dont clean them.
boys are more inquisitive than girls. but they are both gorgeous.
whether you get any you MUST GET 2 so get 2 sisters or 2 brothers.


GET 2 GET 2.
They get lonely on their own and obligation a friend with them. when they are on their own they can get DEPRESSED and sad.

boys are nicer than girls.
and boys don't make bigger messes.
you should draw from a girl. we have four girls but the boys fight and you cant get another boy or they will massacre eachother so get a girl

I be always told to get a boy guinea pig, hamster, mouse, etc. because they people who sold the females couldn't enlighten if they were pregnant or not and you could end up next to more pets than you planned and then have to get rid of them.
My friend has a girl guinea pig and we named her Sasaphrass.:D
No guinea pig stinks more than any other guinea pig regardless of the sex of the piggy.

I personally prefer males, they are lot more easier to handle and uncomplicated to tame.. all of our males have other wanted to snuggle up to us but yet the female is more independant and does not want any human contact what so ever.

Guinea pigs own unique personalities as we humans do, so again the sex of the guinea pig doesn't come into this.

Which ever you choose, i hope you will give a loving domestic to your animal and enjoy your time looking after her/him.

Also you may want to look into purchasing two guinea pigs as they are much better when they do have a friend, however if you single want one then make sure you do draw from it from a young age so that you can tame it and make certain you give it lots of play time with you so it doesnt feel lonely, my manly guinea pig is on his own and has been since he was a year feeble due to our other piggy dying from old age... but as i tamed him from a young age and he had human contact from that age he doesnt intellect in fact i think he prefers mortal alone more now as he is quite independant than any other piggy we have have before.
boys stink more cuz they easy target their territory, but girls can be moody. Idk
I like girls, they smell less and they are much more ffun, males are too indolent for me.
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