The differance beetween a fancy rat and a dumbo rat is.PLEASE HELP?

Hi!! i LOOOOOOOVE animals and i was just really wondering if that pet fancy rats and pet dumbo rats hold a differants apart from there looks! so please anser my questions!!

1. Dumbo rat grow bigger so is there any differantses to in that lifespan! sooo do dumbo rats live any longer than fancy rats!

2. Are dumbo rats temperment differant to fancy rat (are they friendlier!)

Actually everyone on here is wrong. A dumbo rat is a kindly of fancy rat. "Dumbo" just means it has big ears (like dumbo the elephant, carry it?). Some fancy rats are bred to have special markings, or colors of fur, etc. but most rats on the market for pets are fancy rats.

The best way to ensure that you take a friendly rat is to buy from a reputable breeder in your state (do NOT buy from the pet stores, they usually sell sick unsocialized rats). If they come from a breeder they own usually been held since right after birth and love humans :0)

Hope that helps!
Reinforcing Mudd and Lawgirl's comments. There is NO difference between fancy rats and dumbo rats. Dumbo rats are a type of fancy rat. They are all 'Norway Rats' or 'Rattus norvegicus'.

The only type of rats that are NOT fancy rats are things like Gambian Pouched Rats, African Soft-Furred Rats, or Black Rats (Rattus rattus). None of these are as widely available as fancy rats. Fancy rats can within fact be the 'feeder rats' you find at pet stores (as can Soft-Furred rats, but this is less common), or they can be something like a Dumbo, Rex, Hairless, Hooded, etc.

Dumbo is a descriptive residence, similar to saying somebody has brown eyes, vs. Blue eyes.

Fancy Rats are Rattus Norvegicus (Norway Rat) being sold as pets. There are no different breeds of Fancy Rats, one and only variations (again, like comparing skin color, or height, or eye color, or hackle color).

As for your dumbo rat's temperament or lifespan.. it is entirely dependent on the genetics of the individual rat and it's pedigree. If you buy from a reputable breeder, then a dumbo should have a great temperament and live longer than a pet store rat. That self said, the same breeder's standard ears should be expected to live just as long, and be just as friendly as any of their dumbos.
the only difference is where the ears are on the rats principal.
newly the ears. different sizes and different positions on the head.
I have had both, I dound them to both be good all-around pets.
The difference is that "fancy" rats are pure-bred, and dumbo are "muts", generally having bigger bodies and ears.
Just different types
From what I've heard, dumbos are more placid and docile.
Answers:    Any rat can be a fancy rat regardless of coloring, marking, ears, etc. Fancy rats are rats that are meant to be pets.

Dumbo rats have counter ears. That's the only difference between them and any other rat. Other rats' ears are referred to as top ears. One does not live longer than the other because of the ears they have. That's like wise saying people with small feet live longer than those with large feet. My personal experience have been that my dumbos have lived a shorter life span - but since I normally don't get my rats as babies... who know what their life was close to before I took them in.

There is no difference in temperment due to ears or size. There normally is a difference in temperment due to the sex (and sometimes age) of the rat.

I've had dumbos that were friendly and cool, and dumbos that weren't. The same goes for top ears.

I've had one rat that was raise by a loving human with an oops litter before being brought to me, and he is the rat beside the best temperment of all my rats. His parents were feeder rats, who were also breed for feeder rats past being rescued. That's not to say he's always soft and mellow - but he is the one rat you can just about do anything to and he's happy, and doesn't intellect being handled, cuddled, loved on, etc., at any time of the day, regardless of what he's doing. That's the difference within getting a rat from a big box pet store or from a person (or breeder) that socialized the rat properly from birth. You can also find socialized rats in rescues and shelters. You can also find former feeder rats that are socialized and have great a temperment contained by shelters or rescues too.

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