What did my hamster die from?

I went to feed my hamster this evening only to find him sprawled across the floor of his round up, not moving. He died two hours later, despite our attempts to keep him warm and bequeath him water. I am very confused as to why my hamster died, because he was incredibly young, about 2-3 months old. He be also completely fine this morning. Here are the symptoms he displayed in the few hours before his death:
- thoroughly laboured breathing, only every 30 seconds or so
- dark brown teeth
- poor circulation (his little paw were purple instead of pink)
- couldn't move... he couldn't even lift his head. Occasionally he would try to move his legs but it seem to be huge struggle for him. For the most part he was completely limp.
- loss of bladder and bowel control
- couldn't munch through or swallow
- low body temperature

- no wet tail. His poop was everyday looking
- plenty of food and water in the cage
- the singular food (besides his hamster food) that we fed him was a grape and a small piece of cucumber, both washed
- hold located in a warm environment away from drafts

I hope someone can sustain me out with this. Its just such a shock...
caught a disease
Hmm... I'm so sorry! I had a hamster... It lived, actually, to be almost 4 or 5... No idea what happened to yours... Umm... Was he acting normal when you get it? Did it get lose and eat rat poison or anything? Just think some of the prime things that could have happened.
I know rats get can mycoplasma, which is a respiratory disease, but i dont know as much about hamsters. Was he weezing, sneezing, or showing red discharge around eyes or antenna? Thats a sign of respiratory disease.

Also, he could have had a stroke or heart attack. They are fairly adjectives in hamsters.

Or he might have just simply choked on something. Swallowed something too big or something resembling that. Im guessing either choking or respiratory disease. Sorry about your loss, may I suggest getting a rat instead of hamster subsequent time? They tend to be a lot friendlier.
It's their way of life span. i know its hard. I've had 6 hamsters and my last one last 2 months, he was very healthy too. Hamsters are lucky to clear it to 1 year of life. Although statistics show they life to be 1-2 years old. I've have 2 that lived to 3 years. 2 who lived 2-6 months, and 2 that died from Wet-tail in 6 days. Its hard, but there is no explanation. Sometimes their heart just give out. The day my end hamster, Seymor, died i woke up to him running in his wheel. When i went to be that darkness. he was dead.

was this your first hamster? If so i know it outstandingly hard to lose them.

I'm sorry :[
Answers:    ...Well, it's possible that he could've somehow broken his spine.
Though it doesn't really explain the dark brown teeth.
Maybe he have some sort of stomach issue? It explains everything except for the poor circulation.
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