What do I do near my hamster's unconscious body after it dies?

My hamster died today and I have no clue what to do with it immediately! Do I put it in a shoe box and bury it, or do I throw it in the garbage?
i have a guinea pig :)

nah you dont throw it out lol,
personally i would bury it, particularly if i had two.
Depends how close you were to it and that :P

You should wrap him in an old cloth, and place the hamster in a small box & verbs a fairly good size hole and place him surrounded by it.

Be sure you, use a box. If you don't and you bury him just under the surface, a dog or other animal might verbs him up.

Pls don't throw him away like mere garbage.
take the body to a vet they will make it into ashes 4 ya! lol

I am so sorry to her about your loss. Hamsters are very, very wonderful creatures.

All of your planning will work, but if you have some animals (deer, skunks, dogs, cats, etc) living around you, they probably will dig it up and consumption it. We don't want that, know do we?

I would say the best bet is the garbage can. I know, I know please don't think in the region of it. Put it in a box and put it in the trash. That is what we did with adjectives of our pets after they pass away.

I hope you are doing well! God Bless!

(Please expect about adopting! Give an animal a second kismet!)

Cremation. Inexpensive and respecftul. Google pet cremation.

I am so sorry for your loss.
Well do you have it in a shoe box in the freezer right in a minute to make sure it doesn't start stinking? I think it would be best to bury it, but whether not you could get it cremated. You could throw it away, but is that really a good means of access to remember him?
Bury it, burn it or take it to the vet for cremation or filch it to the pet crematorium directly. The cheapest option is burial in your garden.
I'd read out to do as you said first. I've had two past hamsters and i have put them surrounded by a shoebox and buried them. Don't do as Mac says and don't throw it away.

I guess it's how close you were and whether you have got somewhere to burry it.
Flush it down the toilet, most humane.
Yeah, I was thinking of what I'd do whether a pet died. And I live in an apartment in a busy city where on earth there's practically no place to dig a hole minus it belonging to private property. What do you do then?
The hole doesn't have to be very big so you will not mess up your courtyard. Just set aside the first shovelful so you can put that on the top so the grass is still intact.
Put it contained by a bag and then throw it in a trash can external. No reason to dig up the yard or carry out a burial ceremony unless there are kids who are very upset about its ratification.
Well if ur grandma has any cats well consequently you should let your grandma feed it to the cats.or then whether you live in an apartment then you should go somewhere you can bury it even though you dont want to becuase its somewhere that belongs to the goverment.heres something i am going to say-so and i want you to listin really carefuly.o.K. DO IT.thank you!!
I'm sorry he died and you should bury him if you cared for him and loved him!But if you don't want to mess up your garden consequently just throw him or flush him8 \!
Hope this helped!
8 ]
bury it dont throw it away thats crule!
You can always burn him up and throw his ashes contained by the lake or something.
Please don't throw it away. It had a God-given life, it deserves better. Bury him whether you can, and if not, call your nearest humane association and find their advice. Some of them will take deceased animals.
That's horrible!! If you loved it you'd mess up your courtyard for it.
You don't hold to dig a messy hole to bury it. The shoe box is too big. I would find a much smaller box. Stick the shovel in the ground and push the shovel forward, exit the earth just a crack - slide the small box in and verbs the shovel out. That is what I would do.
sorry for your loss
Answers:    When my first hamster died, I be pretty upset because my mom said I couldn't bury it and I just had to put it in a shoe box (tie it closed) and threw it out. I be pretty upset about that for a long while, so I don't advise just throwing it out!

When my moment hamster died, I put her in a kleenex box and went outside and buried her. I took a small shovel and sort of cut a piece of the grass and pulled it up, afterwards dug the hole and put the kleenex box inside. I filled the hole and consequently simply placed the grass back over it. You can hardly see the lines were I peel the grass back unless you know where to look.

Hope that helped! Sorry to hear around your hamster, though ='(
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