Why is my pet rat burying her babies?

My pet rat had babies yesterday, everything was fine but today she have buried them under the bedding and the woodshavings twice! They keep squeaking and im worried as to why she is doing this?
is she killing them?
i saw her ingestion one earlier...
please help
Your Rat is doing what comes naturally ,she is hiding the young,from you as she considers you to be a threat to them.

Also by doing this she is keeping them warm,as for ingestion one it may have been sick or dead born,on no article attempt to touch or examine them or she will kill and eat the rest.

Edit.to Thomas fiancee.At no time have I suggested that birds chomp through their young,but this can happen with birds of prey such as Owls,who will munch through them when their is a shortage of their food.
So please Don't pass comments until you have read things in the right prospective.

It's probably just fine. Rats will build a nest when they give birth and will often bury their babies contained by the nest when she is not in it to keep them safe and thaw out. If you can get a look at the babies, make sure she is feed them. You should be able to see a white patch on their tummy which is the mom's milk in their stomach. If you can see it, you know she is taking care of them adjectives right.

The one she was eating was probably already comatose. Usually rats have one or two stillborn babies, or babies that die shortly after birth, and the mother will eat it so predators don't smell the decomposing corpse, to maintain the nest clean, and also to conserve nutrients.

Just keep an eye on the babies, make certain she is feeding them, and make sure she unburies them at some point to caution for them. You only need to worry whether she is burying them then leaving them and ignoring them, within which case you will have to find a foster mother or raise them yourself. Good luck near your rats!
It seems that Thoma's Fiancee is another one that has it within for "Wacky" I don't know about rats only the ones in "Human" form,but he have not mention birds in his answer,"So Why"the " Pull Down" I always thought that Jealousy was something found more contained by children?
No she is keeping them thaw. She might of eaten one because of stress, too many in the litter, or not getting satisfactory protein or any type of nutrition or not enough food. A rat will bury them when she leaves the nest to protect them from predators. If she continues to eat them than there could be something wrong. I hold never owned a rat but read books on them. Never ever go in the cage not even to verbs it but go into the cage to feed her single. You touch one of babies she will probably attack you and/or eat the baby that you touch,once you touch one of her babies she gonna think it isn't hers. Just evacuate her alone for a few weeks, than clean the cage.
for protection
rats will eat dead young.
but its for safekeeping the buried thing
i had a female that get out, mated with a wild rat,
later i got her back the boys where ok but the girls where on earth a bit vicious.
make sure they got loads of food i have 14 to deal with eventualy the daughters killed the mum surrounded by old age.
this is completely normal, the babies or pinkies don't enjoy any fur at that age so they get cold really easy. my rat would actually lay on her babies and i would catch so worried, but its fine. rats make good mothers and wont do anything they aren't supposed too, normally.
as far as her ingestion the babies, they are probably sick or defected in some way, it's really heartbreaking when you realize the mother is doing it, but it for the best. so the other babies don't get hurt or sick. but if she eats more than perchance 3 or 4, it's because she is lacking something.
when my rats had babies someone told me to feed her rare beef fat, so if you make a roast or a steak at some point, cut sour the fat and give it to her. the calories in the stout is what she is craving, i mean imagine feeding 12 babies at one time?
lol. besides good luck - and feel free to email me if you inevitability anything else.
No it's completely natural. She's hiding them from predators, don' t touch them just leave her to it. Is the mannish in with them? If he is take him out. She'll solitary eat one if it's ill or whether she feels threatened
Answers:    Don't listen 2 "wacky". Rats are NOT like birds, so they will NOT get through their babies if you touch them. Total bullsh*t. In fact it's BEST to handle the babies from afternoon one to socialize and stimulate them. The only thing you have to verbs about is the mama rat while you do this as she's probably protective. Distract her with a treat if you wanna switch the babies. Not for too long tho, they have to eat pretty often.

1st and foremost she's keeping them melt while she's not laying on them as newborn rats can't regulate their own body temperature. It's also an instinctual thing. They babies are fine, and since you witnessed her intake one earlier, this is sadly natural as powerfully. If a baby dies, she will dispose of the body by eating it (my momma rat Ellie did this). Or if a infant rat is sick the mother will also eat it. You won't be able to tell whether it is sick or not, but she knows. It's just how it goes.

CHANGE THE BEDDING IMMEDIATELY! Wood shavings are NOT obedient for rats and are known to cause respiratory illnesses in rats! Doesn't business who sells the bedding, it's not good for them! Use shredded paper or verbs towels/rags, it's a cheaper and WAY safer alternative.
are they dead
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